Average Gas Bill For 2 Person Household

Average Gas Bill For 2 Person Household

The average gas bill of 2 person household in the US currently is $63. Utility bill prices depend on the area we are living in, our house, and the time of the year. We can’t live without utilities as they are essential for our daily use. Gas and Electricity bills probably depend on the season. In winter, gas bill prices are higher because we use heat for warming our house and water, for cooking, and laundry. But in summer, electricity prices are high because electric appliances are used to make houses cooler.

Average Gas Bill For 2 Person

According to US Energy Information Administration (ENI), the current average monthly gas bill of a household is $63. This average gas bill includes the use of gas for cooking, cleaning, warming the house, water, and for laundry. The more you use gas, the higher amount of bills you’ll get. According to research, the average annual gas bill of a median US household is $761 in the year 2021. A household of two persons requires a minimum use of gas than a household with 5 persons.

Reasons for High Gas Bills

There are different reasons that are responsible for high gas bills. Sometimes your bills appear more expensive than average or the bills are more expensive than other houses in your area. That’s because the cost of natural gas depends on the location and your usage. Every person around the world uses gas to perform household tasks like cleaning, cooking, warming, and drying clothes. But the higher prices of gas bills might not only depends on the time of the year when the cost of natural gas is high, There are some specific reasons why your bill prices are more expensive than average.

  1. Location of your house
  2. House Building
  3. Appliances
  4. Size of your house

Location of the House

The location of your house has a significant impact on how much energy you consume. If your house is located at a place where the temperature is high and requires more time to warm the place, then your bills are higher than expensive.

House Building

The modern standards of building and construction are far more energy-conscious than those that were in the past. If your building is old, then they require more heat than usual to warm your house. Insulation, soundproofing, and sealing walls help to reduce the usage of gas and electricity. But if the building of your house is old then you automatically have to pay more bills.


If your appliances are old or work slowly, then they require more heat to work. Modern appliances are conscious of the use of energy and heat. Old-fashioned appliances require more gas to work, therefore costing you more bills.

Size of the House

The size of your house also has a significant impact on your gas bills. If your house is small and the people living are maximum of two or three, then they require less amount of heat to warm the house, dry the clothes, and cook. But if the size of your house is large and the number of people is more than three, then they require more heat and energy. That will automatically increase the price of gas bills than average.

Ways to Lower the Gas Bills

There are several ways by which you can reduce your gas bills. The local taxes on your gas bills are n o in your control. Except for local taxes, limiting your gas consumption, or getting guidance with your bills will help you save money.

  • Your appliances will help you reduce gas bill prices. Exchange your outdated and old appliances with advanced modern energy-conscious appliances to lower your gas bills.
  • Inspect your Water heaters, furnaces, and stoves on a daily basis to check for any leakage. Because if your gas is leaking from any appliance, then it will cost you more amount than usual.
  • Reducing the usage of things that require gas will help you lower the amount of bills. According to research]h, you can save at least 3% energy if you lower the thermostat. You can also lower the amount of gas bills by taking shorter showers and by reducing the time of dryers.
  • Make sure to seal and insulate the doors, sealing, and windows of your house to stop the warm air to escape from the house.

These are the ways that will help you lower your gas bills. Other than that, you can also get help from the government by utilizing the government program to lessen the amount the bill payment. If you can’t pay your gas bills completely from your pocket, then you can use government programs.

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Q: How much is the gas bill per month in the US?

Ans: The average gas bill per month in the US is $63. It can exceed $100 depending on the members of the house.

Q: How much is a unit of gas?

Ans: On an English meter, one unit is equal to 100 cubic feet.

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