Castle Rock Water Bill Pay Online Guide

Castle Rock Water Bill Pay Online Guide

You can easily pay your Castle Rock Water Bill online with your account. The online amount can be paid by credit card, Debit card, or bank account. Set up the autopay option from your account by which your bills will be paid automatically. Alternatively, make payments over the phone by dialing the number 844-519-1806. The City of Castle Rock also provides its customers the facility to use traditional bill payment options. You can visit the payment office directly to pay bills in cash, check, or credit card easily. If you wish to know each payment option in the explained version, read the article to the end.

Castle Rock Water

Castle Rock Provides different water services to its more than 26,000 customers. These services include water, Stormwater, water resources, and wastewater that Castle Rock provides. Moreover, you can contact the company anytime by dialing the number 720-733-6000 for any kind of assistance regarding water services.

Official Website
Phone number 720-733-6000
Category Water
Customer Login Click Here
Service Area Colorado
Customer Support Number 303-660-1373
HQ Address Castle Rock, 175 Kellogg Court, Building 171, CO 80104
Services Water & Sewer

Castle Rock Water Bill Login

Castle Rock Water Bill Pay Login

Login to your Castle Rock water Account by which you can easily view your bills, pay them, view your billing history, edit your account settings, and have access to the water meter. Login to your account by entering your Email Address and Password.

Castle Rock Water Bill Payment Options

There are several bill payment options that you can use to pay your Castle Rock Water bill. Look at the listed options and choose anyone for bill payment.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Autopay
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill in Person
  • Pay Bill by Drop Box

Castle Rock Water Bill Pay Online

Pay your Water Bill online through the website. The most basic thing that you have is your account number which is written on your invoice and the payment mode. Click on the link above mentioned in the table and provide your details to pay your monthly  water Bill online. This will make quick and easy online payments for your water bills. For additional results, feel free to browse, How To Pay Dekalb County Water Bill: Login and Payment.

Castle Rock Water Bill by Autopay

Sign into your Castle Rock Customer account and set up the Automatic Bill payment option. First, you have to sign in and then select the “Bill Payment” option. After that, choose the Autopay option and provide your details. You have to provide your Customer Account details and your Bank Account details from which the payment will be transacted. With this option, the payments will be made automatically every month on the due date and then reach and further proceed and your account will be updated after that.

Castle Rock Water Bill by Phone

Pay your Castle Rock Water bills over the phone by dialing the number 844-519-1806. This is an automated mobile phone bill payment option where you don’t have to communicate with a representative. Dial the number, follow the prompts, and pay the bill by card or account.

Castle Rock Water Bill in Person

Visit the payment office of Castle Rock Water at the address

Castle Rock Water
(Building 171)175 Kellogg Court

and complete your bill payment in cash. This basic bill payment method is for those people who are not interested in using electronic bill payment methods.

Castle Rock Bill Pay by Drop Box

Other than the payment office, Castle Rock also provides Drop Box locations where you can drop the payment amount. You are not allowed to pay the bill in cash, only a check or money order is acceptable. visit the parking lot of Castle Rock Water, 175 Kellogg Court and drop the payment amount.

These are the bill payment options that you can use to pay your Castle Rock Water Bill.


Q: How do I check my water bill?

A: Visit the official website, sign in, and select the View Bill option.

Q: How do I pay my Castle Rock water bill?

A: Pay your Castle Rock water bill over the phone by dialing the number 844-519-1806.

Q: What is the phone number of Castle Rock?

A: The phone number that you can use to contact Castle Rock is 303-660-1373.

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