City Of Miramar Water Bill Payment Address

City Of Miramar Water Bill Payment Address

Customers of Miramar Water Company can pay their City of Miramar Water Bill over the phone by dialing the number i.e. 954-602-HELP(4357). This is an automated mobile phone service where you have to follow the prompts for bill payment. The Bill payment can be made either by Debit/Credit Card or through a bank Account. Other than a mobile phone, you can also pay your water bills through the online portal. Sign in to your Miramar Customer Account and make quick payments for your bills. You can also set up Autopay by which your utility bills will be paid automatically every month. First Enroll in the Automatic Authorization Form and then mail it with the voided check to the company’s address. Other than this electronic option, the City of Miramar also provides you with traditional bill payment methods. Mail your payment amount to the address i.e. P.O. BOX 71231.

Official Website
Phone Number 954-602-4357
Category Water
City of Miramar Customer Login Click Here
Service Area Florida
Customer Care Number 954-602-4357
Enroll in Autopay Click Here
HQ Address Civic Centre Pl Hollywood 2300, FL 33025
Services Water & Sewer

Register to Miramar Customer Portal

Sign up for the Miramar Customer Account by which you can easily make online payments for your water bills as well as view the record of billing. Moreover, you can also manage the account according to your liking. To create your account, you need to provide your Personal Information i.e.

  1. Your Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Password

After providing all these details, click on the “Sign Up” button to complete the Registration process.

Register to Miramar Customer Portal

Login for Miramar Account Online

You can sign into your online account effortlessly after creating the account. You can sign in using different options i.e. using your Google Account, Apple Account, Microsoft, or Facebook. Or simply through your Email Address.

Login for Miramar Account Online

Options to Pay Miramar Water Bill

The City of Miramar provides different interesting bill payment options to the customers for bill payment. Make your choice by looking at the following options listed below.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill by Autopay
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Walk-in

Pay your Miramar Water Bill Online

Click on the link mentioned above in the table and pay your City of Miramar water bill online. Online Bill Payment for Miramar Utilities is the easiest and quickest method because everything will be done in no time. You can pay the bills with your Credit/Debit card or through a Bank account.

Mail your Water Bill Payment

The City of Miramar also p[provides its customers the facility to use Traditional bill payment methods. You can use these options if you are struggling to use electronic options. Mail the payment amount with your invoice to the following address,

The City of Miramar
P.O. BOX 71231
Charlotte, NC 28272-1231

Make sure not to send cash, only a check or money order is acceptable. For additional results, feel free to browse, the Broward County Water Bill Payment Method, to pay bills using different options.

Autopay your Water Bill

You can also set up the automatic bill payment option by which the ebi will be paid automatically and the amount will be debited from your Bank account. First, you need to set up the option by filling out the ACH Automatic Authorization form which you can get easily using the link mentioned above in the table. you need to provide your information i.e.

  1. Your Name, Signature
  2. Customer ID
  3. Account Number
  4. Email address
  5. Service Address
  6. Phone Number
  7. Financial Institution Name
  8. Routing Number
  9. Type of Account (Checking/Savings)

You need to print out the form first and then fill it out and send it with the voided check to the address of the City of Miramar.

Autopay your Water Bill

City of Miramar Bill Pay By Phone

You can also pay your water bills over the phone by dialing their Customer Service Number i.e. 954-602-HELP(4357). Dail the number only during business hours if you wish to pay them by your phone. This method is also effortless and convenient for bill payment.

Walk-in Payment for Miramar Bill

Use another traditional bill payment option i.e. Walk-in where you can visit the Payment office of the city of Miramar near you to pay bills in person. In this option, you have several options by which you can pay i.e. in Cash,  Cashier’s Check, Money Order, check, or through a Card i.e. Master, Visa, Credit, or Discover, etc.

These are all the options that the city of Miramar provides to its customer by which they can complete their bill payments effortlessly and quickly.


In conclusion, I have provided you with all the options that you can use for the City of Miramar Water Bill payment. You can pay the utility bills online, by mail, in person, over the phone, or by autopay. However, dial the customer service number i.e. 954-602-HELP (4357) if there is any problem or if you need assistance regarding something.


Q: How do I pay my Miramar water bill?

A: You can pay your Miramar water bill by mailing the payment amount to the address i.e. P.O. BOX 71231, Charlotte, NC 28272-1231.

Q: What is the phone number for the city of Miramar?

A: The phone number of the City of Miramar is 954-602-3011.

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