City Of Saginaw Water Bill Payment Online

City Of Saginaw Water Bill Payment Online

Pay your City of Saginaw Water Bill using the automated mobile phone service. Dial the Number i.e. (855) 786-5349 and pay the bills at any time. Create your online account on the customer portal and pay the bills online effortlessly and quickly. The online payment accepts Check, Paypal, Venmo, Card (Credit, Debit, Master, Visa, Discover), and Bank accounts, Choose any of these to pay your bills online. If you have an InvoiceCloud account then you can also set up the “Pay by Text” option. Other than these, pay your water bills using the traditional methods of bill payment i.e. Mail or Walk-in. If you are signing up for online payment then, you need to pay the bills within 30 days of the invoice date. If you wish to know each method in detail then read the article to the end.

Official Website
Phone Number +1 989-759-1450
Category Water
City of Saginaw Customer Login Click Here
Customer Service Number (855) 786-5349
Services Water & Sewer
HQ Address Saginaw, Washington Ave 1315 S, MI 48601, United States
Service Area Michigan

Register for Saginaw Water Bill

Create your City of Saginaw water account by entering your details. First, visit the official website and select “Register” to create an account. Then provide your details on the given boxes i.e.

  1. Your Name
  2. Email Address
  3. New Password

After that, verify that reCAPTCHA and then click on the “Create Account” to register yourself.  This online account will provide you with access to make quick online payments and manage your account.

Register for Saginaw Water Bill

Login to Saginaw Customer Account

Sign into your City of Saginaw customer account after registering. you can sign in easily every month by providing your username and password to pay your bills. You can not only pay the bills but also view your billing history, update the account according to your choice, and view notifications. You can also sign up for InvoiceCloud by which you have access to the payment options and if you pay the bills on time then you will also get the reward.

Login to Saginaw Customer Account

Ways of Saginaw Water Bill Payment

The City of Saginaw provides different payment options to its customers by which they can pay their bills. You can select any online or offline option of your choice from the following listed bill payment methods.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill in Person
  • Pay Bill by Text
  • Pay Bill by Bank Draft

Online Payment for Saginaw Water Bill

Pay your Saginaw Water Bills online through your account. The payment is acceptable in different options i.e. ACH (eCheck), Venmo, Credit/Debit Card, Bank, Mobile Digital Wallet (google Pay, Apply Pay), and through Master, Visa, or Discover card. This is the effortless and easiest bill payment option where you don’t need to interact with anyone in person and your bills will be paid in no time.

Mail your Saginaw Bill Payment

Use the basic traditional method of bill payment and mail the payment amount to the address,

Treasurer, City of Saginaw
1315 S. Washington Ave
Saginaw, MI 48601

Keep in mind that in this option, your payment will be received after the due date; late fees will be accepted but the company did not accept postmark dates. Additionally, you are not allowed to send the payment amount in cash. Only a cheque or money order is acceptable.

Pay your Saginaw Water Bill Over the Phone

The City of Saginaw provides automated mobile phone payment methods to its customers. Simply dial the number i.e. (855) 786-5349 to pay your bills at any time of the day because this method is available 24/7 and it is completely automated. You don’t have to make contact with anyone and the payment will be made quickly after following the steps. For additional results, feel free to browse Rio Rancho Water Bill Payment and Login Option, to pay your utility bills in Michigan.

Walk-in Payment for Water Bill

Visit the Lobby i.e. Payment Center of the City of Saginaw to pay your bills. In this option, you have several payment methods i.e. cash, check, money order, by bank, or by card. You will not be able to use a Mobile Digital wallet in this option to pay your bills.

Text Payment for Saginaw Water Bill

This method is acceptable if you have an InvoiceCoud account. You can set up the “Pay by Text” option through your InvoiceCloud account and then pay the bills by sending a text to the company. Like the above payment options, you have different options i.e. card or Account to pay the bills.

City of Saginaw Bank Draft Payment

There are banks that will transmit the check to us on your behalf. This check may be scanned and processed online (leading to a speedier transaction) or it may be mailed to us, based on the bank and the information you’ve provided. This option also does not accept postmark payments. Your payments will be processed after the due date if you are late.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you are paying your Saginaw Water Bills through any Third-Party Company or through InvoiceCloud; a transaction fee will be charged


In conclusion, I have provided you with different City Of Saginaw Water Bill payment options that are provided by the company for the facility of customers. You can pay bills online, by mail, in person, by text, by bank draft, or by phone. All the methods are easy to use and payments will be made effortlessly and conveniently. If you have any queries then contact our customer service and they will guide you completely.


Q: Can you pay for Saginaw Township water online?

A: You can your Saginaw water online through the portal. You will be charged a 3% service fee if you make payments by Credit or Debit card.

Q: What is the phone number for the city of Saginaw?

A: The phone number of the City of Saginaw is (855) 786-5349.

Q: What county is Saginaw in MI?

A: The City of Saginaw is situated in the center of the Great Lakes Bay Region and Saginaw County is the county seat of Saginaw in Michigan.

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