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Eversource Pay Bill Online Payment Login

Eversource Pay Bill Online via Bank account or using Credit/Debit cards. You can pay by phone by calling 888-783-6618. By visiting www.eversource.com, manage your account, view payment options, explore billing, etc. Log in to view and pay your current bill using a credit card or bank account. By sending a cheque or money order, you can pay your Eversource bill via mail.

For residential clients with past-due payments, Eversource offers a selection of payment plans. So, to make payments directly from your bank account or with a credit/debit card, contact Eversource MA at 888-783-6618.

Official Website www.eversource.com
Category Electricity
Eversource Online Bill Pay Click Here to Pay Bill Online
Service Areas Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter
Bill Payment 888-783-6618
Residential Customer Service(gas) 800-989-0900
Residential Customer Service(Electric) 800-286-2000
Business Customers(Gas) 888-688-7267
Business Customers(Electric) 888-783-6617
HQ Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Services Energy Service

Register for Eversource Bill Payment

Create your Eversour Online Account by which you can enjoy different facilities i.e. make online payments, view billing history, choose any method of payment, easy and quick card or account payment, monitor your usage, and manage your account as well. You need to provide your account information to verify your personal information correctly to create the account.

Eversource Billing Portal Login

By providing your username and password on the official website, you can access the Eversource Customer Portal. You can choose the payment choices and other features after logging into your account. Online payments can be made using a checking account or a card, such as a debit or credit card. By logging in, you can also configure the Autopay feature through your customer portal.

Eversource Bill Payment Options

You can pay your Eversource Energy bill in six different ways. Your preferred mode of payment is always changeable.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Autopay
  • Pay Bil by Phone
  • Pay Bil by Mail
  • Pay Bill in Person
  • Pay Bill by App

Pay Your Eversource Bill Online

With your Eversource user ID and password, you can log in and pay your bill online. You have two options for payment: a debit or credit card, or your bank account. You might also give a lump sum of money.

Eversource Autopay

You can set up automatic payments so that money is taken out of your bank account each month to pay your bill. For additional results regarding bill payment, feel free to browse, How Can I Pay Holyoke Gas And Electric Pay Bill.

Pay Eversource Bill via Phone

The automated phone line is open around the clock, and you can use your bank account to make a demand payment. With your Eversource user ID and password, you can log in and pay your bill online. You have two options for payment: a debit or credit card, or your bank account. You might also give a lump sum of money. To make an Eversource bill payment call 888-783-6618.

Eversource In-Person Payment

In the service territory, you can pay your bill at any authorized participating location.

Mail-in Payment for Eversource Bill

You can mail in a cheque or money order. The Mail address is:

  • Eversource
  • P.O. Box 56002
  • Boston MA 02205-6002

Eversource Website to Make Payment

Visit the Eversource website and perform the following actions as a first step:

  • Go to the website and select “Manage Your Account” from the menu at the top of the page. This will direct you to a page where you can access your account. By selecting the “Create an Account” link, you can open an account if you don’t already have one.
  • You will be directed to a page that displays your account information once you have logged in or made an account. You can view your current amount and the due date for your subsequent bills on this page.
  • You can make a payment in the part that is located below this data.

Eversource Pay Bill by Using the App

You can download the Eversource app from the App Store or Google Play and proceed as follows to pay your bill using it:

  1. Open the app after installation, then log in using your account details. Your current bills will be included in the app along with their due dates.
  2. Click the “Pay Now” button next to the bill you want to pay to make a payment.
  3. Your name, address, and credit card details can all be entered on the page where you can input your payment information. You must choose a payment option as well.

Eversource Payment Plan Options

Eversource Energy offers a variety of payment plans to suit the needs of multiple clients. Here are some current payment plans.

Payment Plan

You can make up any missing payments or past-due balances over time without incurring any additional interest.

Budget Billing

Budget billing enables you to control your spending and prevent seasonal upswings. Your monthly payment will be a fixed fee based on your typical annual usage.

New Start

If you participate in this program and make prompt monthly payments, you may be able to reduce some of your past-due bills.

Fuel Assistance

If your gross income is equal to or less than 60% of the state median income, you may be eligible for assistance with your utility costs.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund

If you are not eligible for federal aid programs, you can apply for the Salvation Army’s Good Neighbour Energy Fund.

Energy Efficiency

Weatherization and energy-saving solutions are available for free or at a reduced cost. This can comprise, among other things, energy-efficient technologies, equipment, and systems, and clean energy sources.

About Eversource Energy

Nearly 3.6 million gas and electric customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are served by Eversource Energy overall. They are one of the largest electric utility and natural gas distribution firms in the New England region and among the largest in the United States, according to a press release from the Chief Executive Officer.

As part of its recent growth into Eastern Massachusetts, Eversource Energy recently purchased Columbia Gas of Massachusetts from NiSource. The payment process for Eversource Energy is explained here, along with all the information you require regarding the company’s tariffs.


In conclusion, you can pay your utility bills at any time using a variety of Eversource Pay Bill options. Although all methods are user-friendly, you may still get in touch with customer support if you have any problems. You can also benefit from paperless billing and easily make payments from the comfort of your home with the help of the web portal. Additionally, you are always welcome to see your billing history.


Q: How can I pay my Eversource bill?

A: You can pay Online via a bank account, using Credit/Debit cards, by phone, and by mail.

Q: How do I pay bills online with my bank account?

A: Log into your account, choose the bill-pay option, and then proceed as instructed.

Q: How can I pay my bill over the phone?

A: You can directly pay by calling 888-783-6618.

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