Ferndale Water Bill Payment Online Step by Step

Ferndale Water Bill Payment Online Step by Step

Pay your Ferndale Water Bill over the phone by dialing the number 866-873-9157. This mobile phone service is available 24/7 so you can make payments at any time of the day using his option. Moreover, you can also use a Ferndale online customer account where you can pay the bills after signing up. After logging into your account, you can make quick online payments. Other than this, use the Mailing option or Dropbox if you wish to use traditional non-electric bill payment methods. You also have the option of payment in person where you can visit the Payment office of Ferndale and pay your bills either in cash or by card. All the options are very easy and effortless to use and you can select any of your choices. So, read the article to the end and then choose to pay your bills.

Official Website www.ferndalemi.gov
Phone Number 248-546-2525
Category Water
Ferndale Customer Login Click Here
Customer Service Number 866-873-9157
Service Area Michigan
HQ Address Ferndale, 300 East Nine Mile Road, MICHIGAN 48220
Services Water & Sewer

Register to Ferndale Water Account

Sign up for the Ferndale Account online by providing your details i.e.

  1. Your Name
  2. Password
  3. Email Address
  4. Code Verification (Optional)

After providing your details, you can log into your customer portal where you can make quick online payments for your bills. Moreover, you can also manage your account and perform other interesting tasks without any problem.

Register for Ferndale Water account

Log into the Ferndale Water Account

After creating your account on the customer portal, sign in by providing your Username and Password. Your customer account will provide you the facility to make changes and edit your account even after creating any time simply by signing in. Other than this, make online payments, manage the account settings, and view your billing history through your account.

Sign in to Ferndale Customer Account

Ways to Pay Ferndale Water Bill

There are different options that you have from which you can select to pay your water bills. Following are the options from which you can select to pay your water bills.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill in Person

Online Payment for Ferndale Water Bill

Click on the link given above in the article and pay your water bills easily and quickly using the online option. The payments can be made by credit/debit card or through a bank account. Most customers use this option because they can make quick payments as well as view their billing history and manage their accounts. For additional results, feel free to browse, Richmond Hill Water Bill Payment Method Online, to view different bill payment options for bill payment.

Mail your Water Bill Payment

There are two different kinds of payment options that the City of Ferndale provides to its customers i.e. Electronic and non-electronic. So, you can select whether to choose advanced payment options or basic traditional methods. If you wish to choose the Traditional method then Mailing the payment amount is one of them. Mail the payment amount in check or money order and also the Return Envelope provided with your invoice to the address of Ferndale.

Phone Payment for Ferndale Bill

Use the 24/7 available mobile service payment method by dialing the number i.e. 866-873-9157. Contact them at any time of the day and any day of the week for your bill payment because this is an automated mobile phone service. You just need to make a call and then follow the instructions to pay your water bills. Bill payment can be made through a credit card.

Pay your Water Bill in Person

The City of Ferndale also provides its customers access to visit the Pyament Office of the company if they wish to pay their bills in cash. You can visit their location i.e. 300 E. Nine Mile Rd. at the City Hall to pay your water bills in person. This facility is available only during business hours so visit them From Monday to Friday during business hours if you wish to pay in cash.

You can also use the DropBox option that is available 24/7 to pay your water bills. The DropBox is loaded a the outside Front Entrance of the City Hall where you can drop your payment amount only in check, cashier check, or money order but not in cash.


In conclusion, here are several bill payment methods that you can use to pay your Ferndale water Bill. If you have made it this far, then you completely understand which method suits you the best. If there are any queries, then contact customer service and they will guide you with your every issue.


Q: How can I check my Ferndale water bill online?

A: To check your bill, first of all, visit the official website, their select “Our Services”. After that select “View or Print My Bill” and then check it out or you can also print it if you wish to.

Q: How do I contact the city of Ferndale Michigan?

A: You can contact them by dialing the numberĀ 248-546-2525.

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