How to Pay 4Change Energy Bill Online

How to Pay 4Change Energy Bill Online

Pay 4Change Energy bills online using a credit or debit card or dial the customer service number (855) 784-2426 to pay your energy bill over the phone. There are multiple options available for you to pay your 4Change Energy bill. You can pay using EZ-Pay, online via the website, by mail, or in person. But before the EZ Pay draught date, go onto your account online and select Pay My Bill. People choose this way since it enables them to manually make payments close to payday. If you want to utilize our automated telephone payment system, dial (855) 784-2426 and follow the on-screen instructions. The online bill payment options are way more convenient than traditional options for utility bill payment. But, you can choose any method of your choice to complete your billing procedure.

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Register to your 4Change Energy Account

Register yourself to the 4Change Energy Account by which you have the facility to utilize the quick payment options as well as view your billing history. You will have a record of every bill and you can also enjoy the paperless billing. To create an account, you need to enter your email and password. Make sure to provide all the information correctly to avoid any problems.

Register on 4Change Energy Account

Sign in to your 4Change Energy Account


You can log in to your 4Change Energy account by clicking the above login link. To simply manage your service and pay your bill, log in to your 4Change Energy account.  Enter your account information, select Payments & Billing, and then select Update EZ Pay. You then provide the information for the new payment method.

Login to Pay 4Change Energy Bill

Bill Payment Options for 4Change Energy

You go above and beyond standard transactions when you pay your power bill with 4Change Energy pay bill, a Texas-based residential electricity provider. So, find a range of payment choices that suit your tastes. 4Change Energy offers the following ways to pay their electricity bills.

  • Pay Online
  • EZ-Pay
  • Pay by phone
  • Automatic Payment
  • Pay by Mail
  • Payment In Person

Pay Bill Online for 4Change Energy

If you are a customer of 4Change Energy then you can pay your bill online at their official website. Visit to manage your account, view payment methods, and more. Go to the “Pay My Energy Bill Online” area after logging into your 4Change Energy account online. Select the payment method and amount, then finish the transaction with your desired payment information. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with 4Change Energy customer support if you need help.

4Change Energy EZ Pay

Signing up with EZ Pay is simple. When setting up your account or using the My Account site, provide your desired payment information. There is no need for human involvement because your bill amount will be automatically deducted from your selected account on the set date. You may always ask for advice from 4Change Energy’s customer care if you need further help.


EZ Pay guarantees on-time payments without the trouble of keeping track of deadlines. This hands-off method allows you to concentrate on other crucial issues while making sure your payment is paid on time. Moreover, the 4Change Energy staff is there to help you if you ever need to make a one-time payment or look into payment options.

Pay 4Change Bill over the Phone

You may pay your bill conveniently over the phone while lounging in the comfort of your own home. You can ask about additional services, and the automated system guarantees a quick and effective procedure. Therefore, to use the automated telephone payment system, call the 4Change Energy customer care line at (855) 784-2426 and follow the instructions. As asked, provide the required data and payment information. The helpful staff is available by phone if you have questions regarding your account or need assistance paying for direct energy.

4Change Energy Payment With Cash

Visit a cash payment location nearby. Fill out a form with your details, including your name, account number, contact information, the payment amount, and the recipient. Cash payments should be made there. These are the 4Change Energy online payment plans that are available. Get assistance from 4Change Energy customer care if you are unsure about the procedure.

Those who choose or must pay in cash can do so with this choice, feeling as though the community is working together. Customers now find it simpler to make payments in person thanks to the relationship with Fidelity Express.

Payment by Mail

You can pay your Electricity bill of 4Change by mail. So, to make payment via the mail, send your check to the United States: 660361 PO Box, Dallas, Texas, 75266. Moreover, you can also visit How To Pay Cirro Energy Bill, if you are also a customer of Cirro Energy.

About 4Change Energy

Residential electricity provider 4Change Energy was established in Texas with the conviction that power should be accessible and beneficial to local communities. Enroll in a cheap power rate to make a difference in your neighborhood, and we’ll donate money to a good cause on your behalf.

This company emphasizes consumer ease by offering a variety of payment alternatives for simple bill management. Beyond providing electricity for families, 4Change Energy’s dedication to innovation and positive social effects is evident.

4Change Energy Customer Service

Although we’ve made it simple to manage every aspect of your account online, there are situations when you still need more details. You can do everything right here, including see your power use and pay your bill.

Call (855) 784-2426 Monday to Friday 7 am-8 pm and on Sat from 8 am to 5 pm to speak with a member of our customer service team at 4Change Energy.


In conclusion. you can use different options to Pay the 4Change Energy Bill. Pay the bills by preferring online quick payment options or traditional walk-in or mailing payment methods. Additionally, the customer service of 4Change Energy is active 24/7 to provide emergency aid and guidance to its customers so you can contact them at any time to assist guidance.


Q: How do you pay the 4Change Energy Bill Online?

A: Your 4Change Energy bill may be paid online through our secure site or at a nearby Cash Pay Location.

Q: What is the EZ payment plan?

A: You may create a customized budgeting plan to pay your tuition and other fees automatically, on a monthly basis, using our low-cost installment program.

Q: How do I pay my electricity bill by phone?

A: By calling (855) 784-2426, you can pay your bill.

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