How to Pay MidAmerican Energy Bill

How to Pay MidAmerican Energy Bill

Pay the MidAmerican Energy Bill online using your bank account, or credit/debit cards. There are multiple options available for you to pay your MidAmerican Energy bill. You can pay automatically each month, online via the website, by phone, by mail, or in person. So, make a payment online by going into My Account and selecting the “Pay by Credit | Debit Card” option. Further, you can use Paymentus to make a one-time payment; this option will not keep your payment information. At 800-432-4524, an automated phone system accepts payments as well. To get info in detail, must read this article till the end.

Official Website
Category Electricity
MidAmerican Customer Login Click Here to Pay Bill Online
Service Area Des Moines, Iowa
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter
Phone Number 800-432-4524
Customer Service 888-427-5632
Business Customer 800-329-6261
HQ Location Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, and Iowa.
Services Electricity and Gas

Register for MidAmerican Energy Bill Access

Register yourself at the MidAmerican Energy account by which you have access to make payments online, view your billing history, and have records of everything. You can make contact with customer service at any time and view recent updates and notifications. Enter the information you have asked for i.e. your Account number, email, password, name, and other details to create an account.

MidAmerican Energy Online Account Login

You must sign into your account in order to get all benefits. Enter your username and password on the My Account page, then click the MidAmerican Energy login button. Additionally, if you are a new customer of MidAmerican Energy, create an account to get fast online bill payment choices, a map of current power outages, consumption history, and other benefits.

Payment Options for MidAmerican Energy Bills

Customers of MidAmerican Energy are cordially invited to use this site, where you may find multiple options for paying your monthly MidAmerican Energy bill online. We walk you through the online procedure for paying your MidAmerican Energy bills. There are the given ways that you can use to pay your MidAmerican bills.

  • Pay Online
  • AutoPay
  • Pay by phone
  • Automatic Payment
  • Pay by Mail
  • Payment In Person

Pay Your MidAmerican Energy Bill Online

For the convenience of its customers, MidAmerican Energy provides a number of online bill payment options. However, because using their official website to pay bills is the quickest and safest method, we advise doing so. You must register yourself for this. After that, you can use money from your account to pay your bill. The MidAmerican Energy bill is available for viewing and downloading. To prevent unauthorized invoicing, you may also check your payment history for past bills and keep an eye on your energy consumption.

Set Up Autopay for Your Electricity Bills

Additionally, you may sign up for the MidAmerican Energy Autopay program, which makes it easy for you to pay your bills. You can pay for this service using a checking or savings account. Your provided bank information will be used by MidAmerican Energy to debit the billing account. So, log in to your My Account and choose (Recurring Payments) from the landing page to enroll. Also, you can print the form for recurring payments and send it to MidAmerican Energy as well.

Pay Your MidAmerican Energy Bill with Debit or Credit Card

Paymentus allows you to pay your energy bill with a debit or credit card; go into My Account and select “Pay by Credit | Debit Card.” MidAmrerican Energy is able to be paid via,

  • Every major Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal and PayPal Credit
  • Venmo

Pay your bill with a one-time payment using Paymentus to skip creating an account and the login process.

Pay Your MidAmerican Energy Bill Over the Phone

Call 800-432-4524 to pay your energy bill over the phone, then follow the automated instructions to finish the transaction. Please enter your account number, which is printed on a copy of your bill. Additionally, you can also visit How To Pay ComEd Pay Bill | Online Payment Options, to pay ComEd energy bills.

Mail Your MidAmerican Energy Bill Payment

You can send a check with your bill payment by mail. Send a bill stub along with your payment to,

  • MidAmerican Energy Company
  • P.O. Box 8020
  • Davenport, IA 52808-8020

Make sure to include the number for your MidAmerican Energy Account on your cheque.

Pay In Person

Also, you can pay your energy bill in person. So, visit one of the kiosks that are spread around our service area to pay your account. Customers of MidAmerican Energy can also pay their bills through a number of Western Union locations. Visit this page, Western Union walk-in location, to find the location that is closest to you.

About MidAmerican Energy


Energy provider MidAmerican Energy Company is situated in Des Moines, Iowa. Nearly two-thirds of Iowa, along with slivers of Illinois, South Dakota, and Nebraska, are included in its service region. The Midcontinent Independent System Operator’s domain completely encloses its own.

In the Midwest, MidAmerican Energy serves more than 1.6 million customers with electric and natural gas services. In order to maintain a low cost of service without interruption, we also produce the bulk of the energy we distribute utilizing a range of conventional and renewable fuel sources.


You have numerous payment options by which you can Pay MidAmerican Energy utility bills. Now, it’s on you whether you prefer quick online payment methods or traditional mailing or walk-in methods. Moreover, keep yourself in contact with customer service to receive emergency help or if you need any guidance.


Q: How do you pay the MidAmerican Energy Bill?

A: You can pay your MidAmerican Energy bill automatically each month, online via the website, by phone, by mail, or in person

Q: How does MidAmerican generate electricity?

A: Coal, natural gas, geothermal, wind, and hydropower resources are used to produce energy.

Q: What is the phone number for MidAmerican Energy in Sioux Falls?

A: 888-427-5632.

Q: Where is MidAmerican Energy located?

A: Its main office is in Des Moines, Iowa.

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