How to Pay Pearland Water Bill

How to Pay Pearland Water Bill

Pay Pearland Water Bill online using your bank account, credit/debit card, visa, discover, or MasterCard. You can use multiple options to pay your Pearland water bill. There are ways to pay your bill online, by automated phone system, by mail, or in person. So, call 281.652. 1603 to pay your water bill over the phone. Visit to get further info about payment options, billing history, managing your account, and much more. Must read the full article to know more about the payment methods and Pearland Water login process.

Official Website
Services Water & Sewer
Service area Pearland
Category Water Bill Pay
Pearland Water Customer Login To Pay Bill Click Here
Phone Number 281.652.1600
Customer Service 281.652. 1603
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter
Payment Methods By Phone, Online, By mail, auto-pay, credit card pay, or In Person.
HQ Location Pearland, Texas

Pearland Water Login To Pay Bill

Pay Pearland Water Bill

You may check payment options, examine your bill history, manage your account, and do much more after signing into your Pearland Water account. Log into your Pearland account to see your bill and account history. Customers can check, the company’s official website, to pay their water bills. Furthermore, you may access all of their online account’s features by clicking the login link provided above. To register your account, though, you’ll want a login and password.

How to Pay Pearland Water Bill?

Customers are encouraged to read our guide to learn how to pay your water bill quickly and efficiently. Whether you reside in one of the states bordering the City of Pearland, Texas, or another, you may now pay your Pearland water bills online. Additionally, you may choose from a variety of options for paying your bills:

  • Pay Online
  • Monthly Manual Payment
  • Pay by Phone
  • AutoPay
  • Payment by Credit cards
  • Pay via Mail
  • Pay In Person

City of Pearland Water Bill Pay Online

Pearland Water bill Online Payment

There is a quick, easy, and secure way to check and pay your utility bill online. Your account is accessible online. So, create an online account for your account at Online Billing System | City of Pearland, TX once three (3) business days have passed from the commencement of your service.

Monthly Manual Payment

Further, you can manually pay your Pearland Water bills online. Click “Payments” from the banner, then “Make a Payment” and comply with the instructions.


You may set up automatic payments on your account using either a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover) or a bank account. It takes one billing cycle to activate the autopayment option. But to prevent late fines, you must personally pay your initial bill or outstanding balance.

Water Bill Pay with a Credit Card

Create or log into your online e-Suites account. You can create or modify a recurring credit card by first making a payment by selecting Payments > Make a Payment. Then enroll your credit card in autopay when the outstanding amount or first bill has been paid. The initial bill will not be paid automatically as it stands.

Pay by Bank Draft

Please fill out the Bank Draught application and email it to, or stop by our offices in person at the Pearland Public Safety Building at 2555 Cullen Parkway or the City Hall Annex at 3523 Liberty Drive. Additionally, always use e-Suites to pay your debt online, or dial 281.652.1603 and select Option #1 to pay over the phone. To explore further results, you may also want to verify, El Paso Electric Bill Pay Online or by Phone.

Pay via Mail

You can send your money by mail to

City of Pearland

P.O. Box 206022

Dallas, Texas 75320-6022.

Please give the USPS adequate time to deliver your payment.

Pearland Water Phone Number

Additionally, there is another option for you to pay your Pearland bill by using an automated system. So, your water bill may be paid over the phone. Therefore, to make payment dial 281.652.1603, select option 1, and then adhere to the directions.

Pay In Person

During business hours, payments may be made in person at the City Hall Annex, 3523 Liberty Drive. A money drop box is accessible at the South entrance of the same building. But please be aware that the city is not liable for lost or stolen funds. Consider setting up your account for online payments, periodic credit card payments, or bank debit payments to eliminate these problems.

About Pearland Water

Both groundwater and surface water are used to supply the water system in the City of Pearland. The Evangeline and Chicote aquifers serve as the source of groundwater for the City’s ten water wells. The City’s arrangement with the City of Houston and Gulf Coast Water Authority provides surface water at two connecting sites.

Twenty departments make up the City of Pearland in order to better serve you. Each division collaborates with the others to provide exceptional customer service.

Pearland Water Customer Service

Call 281.652.1900 to notify the Public Works department of an emergency between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Call 281.652.1900 if you have a Public Works emergency after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or anytime on the weekend, and our answering service will get in touch with the appropriate Public Works workers right away.


Q: What is the phone number for the water bill in Pearland?

A: 281.652. 1603

Q: How do I pay my water bill in Pearland Texas?

A: Pay your Pearland bill online, by phone, by mail, by bank draft, or in person.

Q: How do you read a water meter in Pearland TX?

A: The register on the meter reads like a number line; the digits are arranged from left to right, one through ten, hundreds and thousands.

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