How to Pay Port Orange Water Bill Online

How to Pay Port Orange Water Bill Online

You can pay the Port Orange Water Bill online 24/7/365 through the automated payment system. In this article, there are given several ways to pay your Port Orange bill. There is an auto bank draught option for checking accounts. Visit to pay your bill, see your billing history, manage your account, and more. So, read the full post to learn about the Port Orange Water bill payment and login procedure.

Port Orange Water Bill Payment

There are several ways to pay your Port Orange bill. You can pay your Port Orange water bill, online by bank draft, by phone, by mail, or in person. There is an auto bank draught option for checking accounts. So, use one of the ways to pay your Port Orange Water Bill.

Official Website
Services Water & Sewer
Service area Florida
Category Water Bill Pay
Port Orange Water Customer Login Click Here to Pay Bill Online
Phone Number (386) 506-5720
Customer Service (Fax) (386) 756-5226
Social Media Links  Facebook, Twitter
Payment Methods By Phone, Online, By mail, auto-pay, credit card pay, or In Person.
HQ Location Port Orange, Florida 32129 1000 City Centre Cir

City of Port Orange Login

Port Orange Water Bill

By going to the City of Port Orange login page on the website, you may pay your utility bill online. To offer this service, the City of Port Orange works with Visit the Signup page to create a new account if you are a new Port Orange Water Department customer. Enter the requested information below and press the Enrol button.

  • Contact Email
  • Set Password (10 characters minimum, 1 number, 1 Alpha)
  • Put in the Exact Password again.
  • Primary Name.
  • Final Name.
  • Callback number.
  • Postal Code.
  • Answer the second security question, then click the Enrol option to begin the registration process.

City of Port Orange Bill Payment Options

Customers of the City of Port Orange water bill in Florida now have easier access to controlling their utility payments. They may quickly pay their utility bills from their homes or places of employment thanks to the City of Port Orange’s user-friendly online platform. So, now pay your water bill using the City of Port Orange’s online site, eliminating the need to stand in a queue for hours or hurry to the water department. Managing your City of Port Orange utility account, making payments online, and monitoring your water consumption with apps like Aquahawk Port Orange are just a few of the options available through their contemporary, digitalized billing system.

  • Pay Online
  • E-Check Payment
  • Pay by phone
  • Automatic Payment
  • Pay by Mail
  • Payment In Person

Port Orange Utility Bill Pay Online

Port Orange Water Bill

You can pay your Port Orange bill online. Customers of Port Orange Water can use the online payment site to pay their water bills. Also, they may enjoy additional services and perks by registering. Including:

  • The water bill of the customer may be viewed, downloaded, and paid.
  • Clients can sign up for paperless billing.
  • From anywhere, at any time, they may manage their account using laptops and smartphones.
  • Through Aquahawk Port Orange technologies, you can monitor and analyze water use.
  • Save a copy of your payment history.
  • Configure the AutoPay Service.

E-Checks Payment

Additionally, the City of Orange bill can be quickly paid by utilizing their bank accounts and electronic checks. You may make an accurate and timely payment with this service. Automatic Funds Transfer (Automatic Bank Draught). Water bill payments may be made via this service, often known as an automatic funds transfer. Following your enrollment in this service, City will automatically debit the required payment from your checking account on the due date. For additional results, feel free to browse, How To Pay Sunrise Water Bill.

The City of Port Orange Phone Number

Call 386-506-5720 to quickly pay your water bill over the phone. Pay with a debit or credit card only by adhering to the automated instructions. But you have to enter the account number. Call customer care at 386-506-5720 if you require further help with the Pay over the Phone service.

Pay by Mail

If you choose not to pay your account online, there is also a conventional bill payment option. Send a cheque or money order, together with a copy of the lower portion of your water bill, for payment of your Port Orange water bill.

City of Port Orange Customer Service

P.O. Box 291037

Port Orange, FL 32129-1037

Please carefully check the check and money order for the account number, which must be written there.

Pay Utility Bill Online In Person

If you have the time and choose not to pay your bill online, then you can pay it in person at the City of Port Orange, Florida, utility office from Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 1700 PM, with the exception of Wednesday from 8 AM to 1600 PM.

Port Orange Water Department Payment Office

City Hall, 1st Floor
1000 City Center Circle
Port Orange, FL 32129

Pay By  Drive through / Drop Box

Visit the North side of City Hall to pay by Dropbox. The payment procedure will be finished in two business days.

Port Orange Utilities

The City’s municipal utility system, which includes potable (drinking) water, sanitary sewage, and reclaimed water, is operated and maintained by the Port Orange Utilities Department.

Along with our neighborhood, the Town of Ponce Inlet, Wilbur-by-the-Sea, a section of Daytona Beach Shores, and unincorporated Volusia County are all included in the Department’s service area.

City of Port Orange Water Contact Service

  • Billing Questions: Call 386-506-5720
  • Reporting: Call 386-506-5952
  • Drinking Water Questions: Call 386-506-5770
  • Reclaimed Water Questions: Call 386-506-5785
  • Establish or Cancel Service: Call 386-506-5720
  • Report a Water Meter Leak: Call 386-506-5766
  • Report a Sewer Spill: Call386-506-5785
  • Report a Water Line Break: Call 386-506-5770


Q: How do I report a water leak in Port Orange?

A: Call Call 386-506-5766 to report a water leak.

Q: What is the phone number of the Port Orange water bill?

A: 386-506-5720.

Q: How can I create a Port Orange Account?

A: If you are a new customer and need to set up a new Port Orange water account, go to the Signup page, fill out the necessary details, and then click the Enrol button.

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