How To Pay Waxahachie Water Bill

How To Pay Waxahachie Water Bill

Pay Waxahachie Water Bill online using credit/debit cards. The City of Waxahachie provides several payment options to customers to pay the bills. You can pay your bills online by logging into the online portal of Waxahachie. Moreover, the online options also include autopsy, where your bills will be paid automatically every month. Visit the payment office of Waxahachie on working days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Read the post till the end to get further info about other payment options, and the login process.

Pay Waxahachie Water Bill

Use other walk-in options like drop box or drive-thru to pay your Waxahachie water bills. The company provides different payment options to the customers and access to choose any method which they find easy to pay the bills.

Official Website
Services Water & Sewer
Service area Texas
Category Water Bill Pay
Water Customer Login To Pay Bill Click Here
Phone Number  469-309-4000
Emergencies Customer Service  469-309-4170
Social Media Links Facebook
Payment Methods By Phone, Online, By mail, auto-pay, credit card pay, or by Person
HQ Location Waxahachie, 401 S Rogers St, TX 75165

Waxahachie Utilities Login

Pay Waxahachie Water Bill

Login into the online portal by the link mentioned above to pay your utility bills and view them. The online portal will let you do different tasks easily without any difficulty. You can manage your account, pay the bills, view the bills and recent updates, and monitor your usage easily through the online portal. You must create an account to do all the things.

Waxahachie Water Bill Payment Options

The City of Waxahachie provides different payment options to customers when it comes to paying for utility expenses. All the payment options are easy to use, but you must enter some details to complete the payment process.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill by Bank Draft
  • Pay Bill in Person

How To Pay Waxahachie Water Bill Online

You can pay your utility bills online through the website by logging into the online portal. To pay bills online, you first need to register and then you can complete your payment process by following the prompts. You can make the payments by debit/credit card or through a checking or savings account. The other online options are also available by which you can pay your bills.

  1. Make a One-Time payment by using the One-time Guest Pay Option. You don’t need to log in every month to pay bills by this method because this method doesn’t require login to the account. The payments can be made on the website by providing your account number.
  2. Utilize the Autopay feature to have your bills paid automatically each month. You can use Checking or a savings account or your debit/credit card to pay bills with this method.

Pay Water Bill by Phone

You can also pay your Waxahachie water bills over the phone by dialing the official number i.e. 469-309-4000. You must provide your account number so that the payment will be processed to the right owner. The payments can made through the credit card i.e. Master, Visa, Discover, or a Bank account. To explore further results, you may also want to verify, the MSD Bill Pay Login | Payment Options.

Waxahachie Water Bill Pay Mail

Mail the amount of payment to the address of Waxahachie and pay your bills easily by using the traditional options of bill payment. You can send the amount of payment in check or money order only, cash is not allowed. Include your account number and remittance stub with the payment and send it to the address,

  • Waxahachie
  • P.O. Box 39
  • Waxahachie TX 75168

Pay in Person

You can also visit the payment office directly to pay your water bills. The payment office of Waxahachie is located inside the City Hall. You can pay your bis in cash, check, or money order in this method by visiting the address i.e. 401 S Rogers St.

The other walk-in options are also available for the customers by which they can complete their payment process.

  1. Use the Drive-Thru location of the Waxahachie located on the South end of the building to pay bills while sitting in your car.
  2. The DropBox is also available by which you can pay bills any time of the day. It is located before the Drive-Thru location and you can drop the amount of payment in a check or money order with your account number.

Waxahachie Water Bill Pay by Bank Draft

The Bank Draft option is also available for the customers but they first have to set up the option. You need to fill out the form and then send it to the address of Waxahachie to start this option.

City of Waxahachie Water Department Phone Number

The phone number that you can use to contact the City of Waxahachie is +1-469-309-4170. Dial the number anytime in case of any issue or if you want to know the details regarding the company or utility services.

City of Waxahachie Water Meter

The City of Waxahachie started a water meter project where they replaced the old water meters with new smart water meters. The new smart meters will ensure the water usage of the City in a correct way. And the customers will also be able to check to check the insights of where and how much they use the water. The new smart water meters have a correct reading of the water delivered to the customers as compared to the old meters.


Q: Where can I pay by water bill of Waxahachie?

Ans: You can pay your water bills at the payment office that is located inside the City Hall i.e. 401 S Rogers St.

Q: Can I pay my bills through the card?

Ans: You can pay your bills by debit or credit card easily.

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