How to Pay Your Electricity Bill Pay Online: Multiple Payment Methods

There are numerous options available to you for Electricity Bill Pay Online. In the US, a lot of companies give their customers several options for completing the billing procedure. To pay your bills online easily, simply visit the official website of the Company. Then log into your customer portal to proceed further. Alternatively, you have the option of paying your bills via PayPal, Google Pay, Autopay, and other interesting options. It is convenient to utilize every online bill payment option. Now, let us dive into the details of each online bill payment option for electricity bill payment.

Electricity Bill Pay Online

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Options to Pay Electricity Bill Online

You may easily pay your monthly utility bills online using several different electricity bill pay alternatives. Using any of the methods that are described here, you can easily and swiftly pay your bills. Look over the choices below and select the one that best meets your requirements.

Automatic Bill Payment for Electricity Bill

Pay your electricity bills online by using the automated bill payment option. You can set up this option from your account online on the customer portal of the website. Nearly every company provides access to their customers to set up the autopay bill payment method. Once you enroll yourself into this option, your bills will be paid automatically and the amount will be debited from your bank account.

To set up the option, you must complete the Automatic Authorization Form (ACH), which is readily available online. After logging into your account, choose the Automatic Bank Draft (ACH) form under the “Pay My Bill” section. Give the information accurately, i.e.

  1. Your Name, Address
  2. Bank Name, Branch
  3. Bank Address
  4. Account Type (Savings or Checking)
  5. Bank Account Number

You must print out the form and then enter the above-explained information correctly. Mail the form with a voided check to the company’s address. When the payment method is fully set up, a representative of the company will send you an email or letter to let you know.

Login to Pay Your Electricity Bill

Sign in to your account online by which you can pay your electricity bills easily. With this option, you can pay your bills at any time of the day. Not only bill payment, you can also view your bills and have access to other options. Following are a few steps that you need to follow to pay your electricity bills online.

  1. Register yourself to the customer portal to create your account. Once, you have registered yourself to the account, Click the “Sign In” button. You need to enter your Username and Password correctly to access your account.
  2. After logging into your account, scroll and select the “Pay my Bill” option from the Navigation Bar of the Dashboard.
  3. Enter the details i.e. payment information, such as Credit card or debit card number or your Bank account number. The payment process will shortly be completed, and your account will be updated.

By following all these steps, you can quickly complete your bill payment process online.

Electricity Bill Pay Online by Google Pay

You can use Google Pay to pay your gas bills in addition to using the website to pay your payments. You simply need to take a few easy actions to pay your expenses. Paying the bill is easy and quick. Swipe from the bottom of the screen to choose “New” after opening Google Pay first. After finding the biller’s name through the search field, pay the bills. You have several ways to complete your invoice payment choices. Pay your bills with Google Wallet, or link a debit or credit card to automatically pay your utility bills each month.

One-Time Payment for Electricity Bills

You can quickly and simply pay bills online with the Guest Pay option, commonly known as the One-Time bill payment option. With this option, the only thing you need to enter is your Account Number which is listed on your invoice, and you can proceed without logging into your customer portal. Visit the company’s website and choose “One-Time Payment” from the menu to utilize this option. Give the details and follow the guidelines. A Bank account or credit/debit card can be used to make the payments. Once, you pay the bills online, your account will be immediately updated and you will also receive a notification via email.

Electricity Bill Pay by PayPal

There are two different ways by which you can pay your monthly electricity bills online using PayPal. These two options include paying through the application or by paying through a website online. Both options are easy to use. All you need to do is pay them after accurately completing the required documents with additional information.

Pay your bills using the PayPal Website

You need to follow the instructions below if you wish to pay your monthly electricity bills using the PayPal Website.

  1. Visit the PayPal website, choose Dashboard, and click the “More” link in the top-right corner. Next, select “Pay My Bill” and locate the person (often referred to as the “Biller”) who sent you the bill.
  2. Once you’ve located your biller, click “Add Your Bill” and complete the account details.
  3. Following that, you can pay your electricity bills online with PayPal.
Pay your bills using the PayPal Application

The PayPal app can also be used to pay your gas bills. Open the application after it has downloaded, then choose “Payment”. Then choose “Bill” followed by “Pay your First Bill.” After that, you can complete the transaction to complete the payment process. That is all that is necessary.

Precisely, follow the instructions to pay your electricity bills using PayPal. Always make sure you are properly searching for the biller while using PayPal to pay your bills. Because sometimes the biller’s name is not available in the search box.

Electricity Bill Pay by Financial Institution

Many banks and other financial institutions let customers use their websites to pay their bills online. It depends on your bank whether or not to charge an extra charge. You have to visit the main website of your bank to set up this electronic option. When you provide all the requirements and set up this alternative, as the due date approaches, your bank will automatically start the transaction, and you will receive an email notifying you of it.

However, the transaction will appear on your customer portal after a while. Make sure your bank account has enough money in it so you don’t run into problems at the time of bill payment. This is also an easy option to use, but you need to make sure your bank accepts this payment option.

Pay your Electricity Bills by Phone

In addition to paying your bills by Google Pay or PayPal, you can also complete the process over the phone. This is a very easy and quick bill payment option. Other than this, it’s also trending to pay bills over the phone because the transaction can be done at any time of the day and any day of the week. Moreover, you have two different choices if you are going to pay bills by phone. You can send a text to the company’s representative or make a call and take advantage of the IVR system. Let’s examine them in more depth.

Pay Bills over the Phone

You need the number to pay the bills or to speak with the representative. You can call the number listed on your invoice if you need any emergency assistance. However, to pay your bills over the phone, you must go to the website and call the specified number. The majority of companies use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, which removes the requirement to interact directly with the agent.

Pay Bills via Text

You can pay your electricity bills via text by logging into your customer portal.

  1. Choose the option i.e.“Pay by Text” under the Billing section, after signing in to your account.
  2. After clicking the option, you need to send a text to the company’s representative. For example, you may write “Pay my bill” and finish the process by completing an online transaction. This option accepts Debit cards and credit cards for utility bill payment.

If you would want to pay your electricity bills over the phone, choose these two alternatives. Simply enter the right information and stick to the directions to use either of them; they are both quite simple to use.


In conclusion, a thorough explanation of each online Electricity Bill Pay option is given. Monthly bill payment is a huge responsibility, and it may be difficult to make the payment on schedule. Still, using the several alternatives accessible when paying bills online simplifies matters for both the company and the customers. The transaction can be completed at any time, in the convenience of your own home. Apart from this, you still receive your bills via mail or email. You can also contact the company’s customer support department or emergency services at any time if you have any problems.


Q: Can I Pay my electricity bills by Google Pay or PayPal?

A: You can easily pay your bills using Google Pay or PayPal online. Visit the websites and complete the process by following the instructions.

Q: What is the average electricity bill?

A: The electricity bill of an average household is almost $146. It depends on the use of electrical appliances.