How to Pay Your Tuscaloosa Water Bill in a Few Simple Steps

How to Pay Your Tuscaloosa Water Bill in a Few Simple Steps

Pay your Tuscaloosa Water Bill using several options provided by the company like over the phone by dialing the number i.e. 205-248-5500. The City of Tuscaloosa also provides different electric and non-electric bill payment options. Sign in to your Tuscaloosa customer account by which you can make payments online by card or account. Moreover, set up the automatic payment option by filling out the form of Automatic Bank Draft for bill payment. You can also use non-electric bill payment options i.e. Mail or In Person. The City of Tuscaloosa provides approximately 30 days for bill payment so make sure to pay the bills during the billing cycle.

Official Website
Phone Number 205-248-5500
Category Water
City of Tuscaloosa Customer Login Click Here
Service Area Alabama
Automatic Bank Draft Form Click Here
Customer Service Number 205-248-5311
HQ Address Tuscaloosa, 2230 6th St, AL 35401, USA
Services Water & Sewer

Register for Tuscaloosa Water Bill Account

Create your water account online on the Tuscaloosa customer portal by which you can make quick online utility bill payments. Moreover, you will also be able to view your billing, update notifications, and several other asks. But you first have to register yourself by providing your information i.e.

  1. Your First and Last Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Password

Once the information has been entered, press the “Sign up” button.

Register for Tuscaloosa Water Bill Account

Log into Tuscaloosa Water Account

You can sign into your customer account easily by providing your details i.e. Email and Password after creating your account. Once, you have logged in, you can pay the bills by choosing the Payment option and perform several other tasks. You can also manage the account and update your personal information anytime.

Log into Tuscaloosa Water Account

How to Pay Tuscaloosa Water Bill

The City of Tuscaloosa provides several bill payment options that you can use to complete your bill payment. Following are the listed methods, select any of your choice and complete the billing procedure.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Autopay
  • Pay Bill in Person
  • Pay Bills at MoneyGram Outlet

Tuscaloosa Water Bill Pay Online

If you have created your customer account online on the Tuscaloosa portal then you can pay your water bills conveniently online by credit card. You can pay your utility bills online by two different options. Log into the account if you wish to pay the bills and also view your billing history.

Tuscaloosa Guest Pay Water Bill

Pay your bills without logging into the account using the One-Time Payment option. You cannot view your bills or manage the account with this option. This guest option is for those people who don’t want to log into the account every month for bill payments. But wants to pay their water bills online.

Online Payment for Tuscaloosa Water Bill

Mail your Tuscaloosa Bill Payment

Use the traditional non-electric bill payment methods to pay your Tuscaloosa water bill. Mail the payment amount in cheque or money order with your payment stub to the address,

The City of Tuscaloosa
P.O. Box 2090
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Remember that you won’t be able to send the payment in cash. This process takes time to proceed so make sure to send mail at least 6-7 days before the due date. For additional results, feel free to browse, Broward County Water Bill Payment Method, to view different utility bill payment options.

Tuscaloosa Water Bill Pay by Phone

Dial the customer service number of Tuscaloosa 205-248-5500 and pay your water bills over the phone effortlessly and quickly. You can use the method for bill payment when you are running out of time. This is an automated mobile phone bill payment service.

Automatic Bill Payment for Tuscaloosa

Your bills can also be paid automatically if you fill out the Automatic Bank Draft Bill Payment Form. You need to print out the form first, you can get it from the link mentioned above in the table. After printing it out, fill out the form, and if you agree with all the conditions, mail it with the Voided Check to the company’s address. With this method, your bills will be paid automatically and the payment amount will be debited from your bank account.

Automatic Bank Payment for Tuscaloosa

How to Pay Tuscaloosa Water Bill in Person

Visit the Physical address of the City of Tuscaloosa to pay your ware bills in cash personally. This option will let you interact with the representative and complete the payment process. The address where you can visit to pay the bills is located at City Hall Annex III i.e.

  • Tuscaloosa, 2230 Sixth St. Al 35401

Pay your bills by walk-in using the above location of the payment address. Make sure to bring your invoice with the payment amount while visiting. However, you also have the facility of using DropBox in the lobby if the physical address or the representative is not available at the moment.

MoneyGram Bill Pay Locations

You can also pay your Tuscaloosa water bills by visiting the MoneyGram outlet locations available at different locations throughout the city. The bill payment can be made easily at these Authorized MoneyGram Outlets.

Tuscaloosa Water Phone Number

There are three different numbers that you can use to contact the City of Tuscaloosa Water for any queries or bill payment information. Contact the City of Tuscaloosa Water Phone Number i.e. +1 205-248-5500. Or contact the City Services phone number i.e. +1 205-248-5950. Other than this, you can also contact the Sewer Department of Tuscaloosa on the number i.e. +1 205-349-0273.


In conclusion, I have provided you with all the Tuscaloosa Water Bill Payment options i.e. online, by mail, in person, over the phone, by autopay, or by MoneyGram. These are the options that are provided by the company that you can use. If there is any confusion regarding the services, then feel free to contact customer service at any time of the day.


Q: How much is the Water bill in Alabama?

A: The water bill in Alabama costs almost $24.

Q: Is the water quality in Tuscaloosa Alabama?

A: The water quality in Tuscaloosa Alabama is clean and acceptable to drink and for other purposes.

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