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KC Water Pay Bill Login to Pay Online

KC Water Pay Bill online by your bank account or by using a credit/debit card. You can pay your Bill over the phone by calling KC Water’s 24-hour bill payment line. Call  816-513-0567 to reach the 24-hour payment line immediately. Please have your house number and 16-digit account number (bold, omitting the final digit) available. Visit the financial aid resources page at www.kcwater.us/customer-support. KC Water pay bill options are multiple. You can pay your water bill online directly at www.kcwater.com, or by mailing a check at USA, Kansas City, Missouri, 64106, 414 E 12th St.

Official Website www.kcwater.com.
Category Utilities
Services Water
Service Area San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, and Miami.
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter
Phone Number (816) 513-1313
Customer Care Service  816-513-0567
HQ Location United States, Kansas City, Missouri, 64130, 4800 E 63rd St.
Customer Login Login here to pay bill online

KC Water Login

KC Water Pay Bill

By clicking on the login link, you may access your Kc Water  Pay Bill Services online account and log in to use all the features. Make sure you already have an account with Kc Water. Open a browser and go to the login page for Kc Water Services. Create a new Kc Water pay bill account if you don’t already have one. To verify your information, you will need to provide your email address, phone number, and other personal information.

  • The login boxes are in the upper-right corner of the page when you click the link to access the website in a new window.
  • After providing your username and password, press the “Login” button.
  • If your credentials are accurate, you should have logged in without any issues.

How to Pay KC Water Bill?

All of Kc Water’s customers have access to an online bill-paying feature, and it offers a variety of bill-payment options. You have several options for paying your bill: online at the Kc Water Services website, via mail to the processing center, or in person at any place that is authorized. Additionally, Kc gives you the choice to create alternative payment plans and set up online automated bill payments.

KC Water Pay Online

KC Water Pay Bill Online by using the website. To pay your bill, sign up for eBill (paperless billing), monitor your daily use, and more, you may register or log in. You may manage your account from anywhere at any time by registering it online.


KC Water Pay Bill by an automatic payment system. Enroll in KC Water Auto Pay to save time. There is no cost to you and your bill will be paid on time, directly from your checking or savings account, on the due date. To sign up for Auto Pay, you may either register or log in, or you can click autopay to get a paper version of the Auto Pay registration form.

KC Water Pay Bill by Kiosks

City Hall and KC Water offices now have electronic bill-paying kiosks. At KC Water, 4800 E. 63rd St., a kiosk outside the entrance is open twenty-four hours a day. Additionally, during regular business hours, kiosks are accessible in the client lounges of the 63rd Street offices and City Hall (414 E. 12th St.). At the kiosks, you may pay your KC Water account with a credit card, cash, or cheque.

Kc Water Phone Number

Call 816-513-0567 to reach the 24-hour payment line immediately. Please have your house number and 16-digit account number (bold, omitting the final digit) available. A credit card processing fee applies to payments made with debit and credit cards over the phone and in Internet settings. Payments done electronically (by bank account) are free of charge.

Pay by 24 Hours Drop Box

You can deposit your money in the lock box in front of the lobby at 4800 E. 63rd St., Kansas City, MO 64130. Please send your payment with either the unattached bottom half of your bill or your whole 17-digit account number. payments dropped off after 8:00 a.m. Processing occurs Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) by noon on the next business day.

KC Water Pay Bill by Mail

Address your payment to: Please remember to include your whole 17-digit account number or the bottom piece of your statement that has been separated.

KC Water

PO Box 807045

Kansas City, MO 64180-7045

Pay In Person

Visit us in person Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Customer Service and Payment Centre at KC Water. Customers will be instructed to utilize the kiosks as of November 14th, 2022, since the cashiers at 63rd St. will close at 4 pm for in-person payments. 63rd Street at 4800 East, Kansas City, MO 64130.

About KC Water

By making investments in the long-term success of our water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, KC Water guarantees the availability and quality of water services to meet the expanding requirements of our area. As we become ready for the water requirements of future generations, our focus is on giving our consumers a high-quality product and a great experience now.

For 170,000 residential and commercial customers in Kansas City as well as 32 wholesale clients in the surrounding area, KC Water maintains and runs water collection, treatment, and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater management systems. Customers pay fees depending on their usage of or effects on the water, wastewater, and stormwater utility systems to support the operation.

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Q: Where can I pay my KC water bill?

A: Cash, cheque or credit card payments for water bills may be made online or in person at City Hall (414 E. 12th St.) or the Water Services Department (4800 E. 63rd St.).

Q: How to pay my Kansas City water bill online?

A: To pay your bill, you may log in or register.

Q: How do I report a leak to KC Water?

A: You can call us at 816-513-1313 or 311 any time, day or night, seven days a week.

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