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LabCorp Bill Pay Online Patient Portal

You must know about LabCorp Bill Pay Online if you are connected with LabCorp as a patient. Pay your bills online through the patient portal by providing your details. There are some other methods as well by which patients can pay their bills to LabCorp. LabCorp provides all the facilities to its patients and you cannot only pay your bills through your patient portal but also you can view your insurance details, appointment schedule, and view your results.

LabCorp also provides health insurance to the patients where they get complete treatment and the Health Insurance company manages everything. Other than the online patient portal, you can also visit their lab to pay your bills. One good thing about LabCorp company is that they provide complete facilities to their patients and also provide them with different ways or options to make payments.

Official Website
Phone Number 336-584-5171
Support Phone Number 800-845-6167
Service Lab
Service Area National
Social Media Links Twitter, Facebook
Address 531 S Spring, St Burlington, NC 27215
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LabCorp Methods to Pay Bill

LabCorp Bill Pay

There are different methods that you can choose to make your payments. Patients can pay their LabCorp bills by their patient portal or through other offline options as well. You can select any of the above methods according to your choice.

  •   Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill in Person

LabCorp Bill Pay Online

You can pay your bills online through the patient portal that Labcorp provides to its customers. Click on the link above mentioned to make your payments through the online process. Most people choose this method when they are in a hurry because, through the online process, you can make the transaction anytime and anywhere.

LabCorp Bill Pay by Phone

Pay your bills over the phone by calling the automatic voice response system of LabCorp on the number 800-845-6167. Call on the number and say pay my bill, it will save you time and you can pay the bills easily. And for the transaction, you can select your card or banking account. This method is available 24/7 and every day of the week.

LabCorp Bill Pay by Mail

Pay your bills by mailing them to the address of LabCorp which is also written in your invoice. This method is slow and takes time so make sure to ail the payment on time. The address to which you can mail the address is,

  • Labcorp
  • PO Box 2240
  • Burlington, NC 27216-2240

Mail your payment to this address and also make sure to attach your stub from your bill with the payment. Other than that, also includes your 8-digit bill number on the address.

LabCorp Bill Pay in Person

Pay your Bills in person by visiting the nearest service center (patient service center) of LabCorp and ask the representatives to pay your bills. This method is for those people who like to avoid electronic methods to pay their bills. You can also visit them to ask for your schedules or an appointment.

LabCorp Patient Portal

You can sign up to your patient portal to pay your bills. And other than paying bills, you can also view your appointment schedules, and results of the appointments, and also manage your patient account. You can sign up to the portal by entering your email and password.

LabCorp Appointment

Make your appointments by visiting the online patient portal. You can also manage your existing appointments or change the dates if you can’t visit them on the previous date or you can also make new schedules for the appointments through your online patient portal.

LabCorp Billing Phone Number

In case of any appointment, schedule, or bill payment, you can contact the LabCorp company on their toll-free number i.e. 800-845-6167, and ask for any detail that you need.

LabCorp Bill Pay Customer Service

Contact the customer’s service center or patient service center anytime if you are facing any problems or struggles anytime. You can also contact them to manage your schedules. They are available 24/7 and 7 days a week.

LabCorp Result

You can view your results through your online portal. Labcorp provides that facility to download and view the result to its patients. By your patient portal download the result or view it easily.

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Q: Will LabCorp send me a bill?

Ans: LabCorp will send you the bill or a charge for any remaining balance that is your responsibility.

Q: Does LabCorp offer paperless billing?

Ans: You can also make paperless billing by sending an email to the email address of LabCorp with your payment receipt.

Q: Does Labcorp have a mobile app?

Ans: LabCorp has a mobile app that is applicable to Android users only. Download the application from the Google Play Store.

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