Miami Dade Water and Sewer Pay Bill: Online Quick Pay

Pay your Miami Dade Water Bill online from the site by using the Quick Pay option where you need to enter your Account Number and Zip Code. In this option, you can make online payments by Credit/Debit card or Checking account without logging into the customer account. Alternatively, you can make payments using your bank by setting up the Autopay option from your account. The automatic bill payment methods make transactions automatic, ultimately rejecting the need to worry about paying on time. Other than this, you also have the facility of paying over the phone through a card or account. When you are paying over the phone by card, then a $3.95 convenience fee will be charged other than the bill payment. Miami Dade County also lets you facilitate traditional methods of payment i.e. Mail or Walk-in. Read to the end to learn each option in detail.

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Services

Miami Dade County provides Safe and secure drinking and waste Sewer and water services to consumers in the City. Not only the services but the payment method of all the utilities provided by Miami Dade County is also convenient for customers. You have both online and offline methods by which you can make quick and easy payments by card, account, check, money order, or cash.

Official Website
Phone Number 305-665-7477
Category Water
Miami Dade County Customer Login Click Here
Customer Support Number 305-665-7477
Service Area Florida
Miami Dade County Quick Pay Click Here to Make a One-Time Payment
HQ Address Miami, 3071 SW 38th Ave, FL 33146
Services Water & Sewer

Miami Dade Water Bill Login

Miami Dade Water Bill Pay Login

Log into your Miami Dade Water and Sewer account by clicking on the link given above in the table. You just need to enter your Username and Password that you have provided at the time of registration. If you want to manage your profile, set up due date reminders, make online payments by bank, and view billing history, you need to sign up first. And then after logging in, you can perform all these tasks very easily and anytime.

Miami Dade Water Bill Payment Options

There are different payment options that Miami Dade County provides to its consumers for monthly utility bill payments. Following is a detailed explanation of each option, so make sure to read and then select any option you want for your next bill payments.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Quick Pay
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill in Person

Miami Dade Water Pay Bill Online

Log into the Miami Dade Water and Sewer account and then enroll yourself into the Autopay option. Set up this Automatic Bill payment method by providing your Bank Account and Customer Account information. Once you input all the details, send it to the Miami Dada County address with the voice Check from the bank. You will receive an email confirming its approval. For additional results, feel free to browse Culligan Water Pay Bill Online, View And Quick Pay.

Miami Dade Water Pay Bill by Quick Pay

Miami Dade Water Bill Pay by Quick Pay

Use the One-Time Payment Option from the official website or just click on the link given above in the table to pay the bill as a guest. in this option, all you need to enter is your Account Number and Zip code. However, for Identification Purposes make sure to have your recent water bill and credit card details handy. Make your transaction either by Credit card or by Bank Account. The payments made after 2:00 P.M. will be processed on the next business day.

Miami Dade Water Pay Bill by Phone

Miami Dade provides you the facility to pay your monthly bills over the phone either by Credit card or by checking or Savings account. You need to dial the number, follow the instructions, and complete the transaction.

  1.  If you are paying by checking or Savings account, then dial the number 1-800-565-1800.
  2. Dial the number 1-800-510-0880 if you are paying by credit card i.e. Master, Visa, American, or Discover. And you also have to pay a $3.95 Convenience fee on every payment by credit card. 

Miami Dade Water Pay Bill by Mail

You can use the traditional bill payment methods if you are not interested in paying through online methods of bill payment. You can mail the payment, in check, cashier’s check, or money order to the address below.

PO BOX 26055
MIAMI, FL 33102-6055

Include the invoice or account number with the payment amount and send it in the returned envelope to the address 6-8 days before the due date.

Miami Dade Water Pay Bill in Person

you can pay your water bills at three different locations i.e. Private payment centers, cashier’s office, or Self-Service Kiosk. However, the payments can be made by cash, check, or card. Use the following owner’s information for bill payment at a County office, private pay station, or internet kiosk:

  1. Name
  2. SSN (Social Security Number)
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address

Following are the locations where you can visit to pay your bills

  1. Visit the Water and Sewer Department of Service center i.e. Miami, 3071 SW 38th Ave. to pay bills in cash, card, check, money order, or cashier’s check.
  2. Visit the Water and Sewer Department – LeJeune Office i.e. Miami3575 S. LeJeune Rd. Here you can only pay in cash, check, or money order. The card is not acceptable.
  3. Self Service Kiosk Location i.e. Miami, 3071 SW 38th Ave. to pay your bills. In this location, payments made after 2:00 P.M. will be processed on the next day.


Q: Where to pay for Miami-Dade water and sewer?

A: You can pay online from the official website or visit the Water and Sewer department at the address i.e. Miami, 3071 SW 38th Ave.

Q: How can I open my Water Account in Miami Dade?

A: You can open your water account by filling out the form where you enter your personal information. Plus you also have to pay a $50 deposit to start the water services.

Q: How do I contact Miami-Dade Water and Sewers?

A: 305-665-7477.

Q: What is the Email Address of Miami Dade County?


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