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MSD Bill Pay Login Payment Options

MSD Bill Pay Login to your account at MSD official web. There are different options that customers can use to pay their MSD Water bills. They can pay their MSD bill through an online process which is very convenient and time-saving. Other than that, customers can also pay by mail, or by phone, and they can also make the payments by visiting the payment center of MSD in person. The info regarding all the payment options and login process is given in the below post.

MSD Bill Payment

People who are a part of MSD and depend on it for their water wastage and sewer services must know about MSD Bill Pay Login, and Payment Options.

MSD is the biggest wastewater collection service in Metropolitan St.Louis which is no doubt the largest area in Missouri with a population of at least 2.8 M+. Every customer of MSD must have to pay their bills at the required time to avoid any problems. This fee is used to fund the operation and upkeep of the wastewater treatment facility as well as the city’s underground sanitary sewer collecting system.

Official Website
Services Water & Sewer
Service area Missouri
Category Water Bill Pay
Water Customer Login To Pay Bill Click Here
Phone Number 1 (866) 281-5737
Customer Service  1 (314) 768-6260
Social Media Links Twitter, Facebook
Payment Methods By Phone, Online, By mail, auto-pay, credit card pay, or in Person
HQ Location 2350 Market St Saint Louis, MO 63103

MSD Bill Pay Login

MSD Bill Pay Login

Customers of MSD can pay their MSD bills with different options very conveniently. If the customers are using an online procedure then they have to make it through their account of MSD. Customers can use the link above to log in to their accounts and make payments or check anything they want. The procedure to log in is very simple, the customers just have to enter their ID and password into the blank boxes and then click on the login button.

MSD Bill Payment Options

MSD provides four different methods/options to their customers by which they can make their payments and pay bills easily without any problem. They can pay their MSD bill by the options explained below.

  • By Mail
  • Online
  • By Phone
  • In-Person

These are the four methods that help the customers of MSD services to make their payments quickly. Now let’s go into more detail about each technique.

MSD Bill Pay By Mail

You can pay your water and sewage bills to MSD easily by mail. For that purpose, you have to send the payment slip, your check/money order, and also your account and contact number to the payment center of MSD. The mailing address is PO Box 437, St. Louis, MO 63166-0437, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. For more result updates, don’t hesitate to look into, El Paso Water Bill Pay Online.

MSD Bill Pay Online

MSD Bill Pay Login

You can pay your MSD bill online through your MSD’s SmartPay account by setting it to a one-time payment or monthly payment. But for that purpose, you first have to make an account and log in to proceed with the payment. You can make bill payments using your Bank account, visa, or Master card.

To make an online payment, after login to your MSD account, select “Online Bill Payments” and when the next interphase pops up click on the “Pay/View Bill” where you can pay your bills by selecting the account number and entering the amount you wish to pay. Also, select the date of making bill payments. This method without any doubt is the quickest and easiest method to pay bills.

Pay By Phone

To make your payments by phone you can use your credit card or debit card. But you can do that by calling the contact number of the MSD Bill payment center. Make sure to provide your account information and your phone number. The computer will scan the phone number and compare it to your account phone number to figure out your account. The number of the payment center is (866) 281-5737, follow the instructions and make your payments easily. Remember that you can make calls for the payment only during active business hours.

MSD Bill Pay In-Person

You have the option of paying your MSD invoices in person by going to the MSD offices. Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District is located at 2350 Market Street in St. Louis, Missouri, 63103. The office timing is 8:00 AM to 04:30 PM throughout the working days.

Payments must be made in cash, checks, or money orders. When making a payment in person, only those techniques will be accepted. Remember to await approval. Each successful payment will result in the issuance of a receipt.

These are the methods by which you can make MSD bill payments easily and quickly. The online method is the fastest and easiest method to make your payments.

MSD Customer Service

MSD provides the facility with a 50% discount to eligible customers who are aged, have low income, and are disabled. Senior citizens of the age 65 or more living in a household with an average income are eligible to qualify 30% discount or wastewater fees.

MSD is one the best sewer services that provide convenience to their customers and is active in providing aid in any kind of problem. The charges of wastewater fees increase according to the usage of their customers. To decrease the charges, customers are advised to avoid wasting it for example, while not washing the dishes with a running tap.

MSD Bill Payment Last Date

Your choices on the payment page determine the due date of your payment.


Q: What is Project Clear St Louis?

Ans: The goal of MSD Project Clear is to manage wastewater and rainwater more properly and efficiently to safeguard the health of the public, security, and the water environment.

Q: What is the phone number of MSD?

Ans: The phone number of MSD which you can contact for guidance or any aid is 314-768-6260.

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