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Northwestern Energy Bill Pay Online Payment Options

Northwestern Energy Bill Pay Online at Select the autopay option or one-time payment option from the website. Log into your account to set up the autopay option or select the text pay method. Additionally, you can also make payments over the phone by dialing 833-970-2262. There are different methods that Northwestern Energy provides to its users and people use all of these methods. Pay your bill Online by logging into your Northwestern Energy account and selecting the method by which you want to make your payments.

Different methods are available from which you can choose and pay your bills. When you are paying your bills online you require an account to select the payment method and you can also manage your account and select different settings according to your choice.

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Category Electricity
Service Areas Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota
Phone Number 833-970-2262
HQ Address 11 E Park St Butte Mt, 59701
Support Phone Number 888-467-2669

Sign up for Northwestern Energy Bill

Sign up for Northwestern Energy Bill

Register to the online account of North Western Energy by which you can make quick and easy online payments for your bills. In addition to that, you can also manage your account and view the billing history easily without any problem. Following are the details that you must have entered correctly to create your Northwestern Energy Account.

  1. Your Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Company Name
  4. Account Number
  5. Username
  6. Date of Birth

Sign up for Northwestern Energy Bill

Northwestern Energy Billing Login

After creating your account online, Enter your login credentials to access your Northwestern Energy account. With this account, you may manage your account, establish devices, and choose from a variety of payment options.

Northwestern Energy Billing Login

Northwestern Energy Bill Pay


Pay your Northwestern Energy bills in a secure and convenient way with the help of different options. You can pay your bills using different cards i.e. Debit card, credit card, Visa card, Master card, Discover, and Applypay. Other than that, you can also make transactions with the help of your Bank accounts. The customers of Northwestern Energy can pay their bills in the form of cash only when they visit the service office personally and pay them directly.

Ways to Pay Your Northwestern Energy Bill

There are different options that Northwestern Energy provides to its users to pay their energy bills. The methods that you can choose to pay your bills are,

  • One-time Payment
  • Bill Pay by Phone
  • Bill Pay By Mail
  • Bill Pay By Financial Institution
  • Autopay Method
  • Bill Pay By Text
  • Bill Pay In Person

Northwestern Energy Bill One-time Payment

Pay your bills online with the help of a One-time payment method where you can pay your bills quickly and conveniently. You can choose either to pay them with your Bank or savings account. Or you can also pay them by Debit/Credit card.

Paying your bills online by Bank account is easy and cost-free but if you are paying with your Card i.e. Debit r Credit card, then you also have to pay a $2.75 additional processing fee.

Northwestern Energy Bill over the Phone

Pay your bills by phone simply by contacting the service agent of Northwestern Energy and asking them to pay your bill. And for the money transaction, you can choose to pay it either by Card or by your Checking account. You can contact the number 833-970-2262 to talk to the agent in English and for Spanish, contact the number 833-970-226. For additional results regarding bills, feel free to browse, Potomac Edison Bill Pay Online by Phone Number, if you are in Pennsylvania.

Northwestern Payment via Mail

Another method that some people use to pay their bills is by mail. This method is the slowest and also the easiest method. Keep in mind that when you are paying your bills by mail, it almost takes 5-10 working days to update the procedure. So, make sure to mail your payment on time.

To pay your bill by mail, first, write the amount of payment on the check and mail it to the address,

  • Northwestern Energy
  • 11 E. Park St. Butte, MT 59701-1711

Northwestern Bill Payment by Financial Institution

This is another gazing method to make your payments on time. There are different Credit unions and Banks that offer the practical service of Bill payment. With this method, you can arrange all your one-time payments and monthly invoices in one location and have them paid automatically with this service. You can also contact the nearest Financial institution to find out in more depth.

Set up Autopay for Northwestern Bill

One of the quickest method and most comfortable ones is paying your bills by autopay method. This method requires your Energy account on the website and from there you can choose the autopay method. Select the method and enter your checking account details and the amount of payment.

Set all the details and then your amount of payment will be automatically deducted from your checking account every month. You don’t need to worry about paying on time after choosing this option. Moreover, you can also alter the amount of payment, update the settings, or completely remove the autopay method anytime when you want.

Text Payment for Northwestern Bill

Pay your bill by sending a text message to the service agent and asking them to pay your bills. This method is as easy as sending a simple text. Keep in mind that when you are paying your bills by Debit or Credit card then you have to pay a $2.75 processing charge that is necessary.

In-Person Bill Payment

The last that you can choose to pay your Energy bill is by visiting the service office by yourself and asking them to pay your bill and update the procedure. People who like to interact socially can use this method. You must have to bring the invoice proof when you are visiting the service office. Visit your nearest Northwestern energy service office and ask the representative to pay your bill. You can also make payments in cash as you are paying personally.

Northwestern Energy Phone Number

The phone number that you can use to contact the customer service agent and ask for any information is 1-888-467-2669. Contact them in case of any guidance, or issue, or if you want to get some assistance regarding the device.


In conclusion, there are different Northwestern energy Bill options that you can use to complete your payment process. Select any option from the above i.e. online, autopay, by mail, in person, or over the phone, and make a quick easy utility bill payment. I hope that you get all the information for what you are looking for.


Q: What is easy pay with NorthWestern?

Ans: With this option, you can pay your monthly bills automatically and the amount will be deducted from your checking account.

Q: Does Northwestern use a common app?

Ans: Northwestern Energy uses the common application and also accepts it.

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