Optimum Pay My Bill Online by Phone

Optimum Pay My Bill Online by Phone

Optimum Pay My Bill Online 24/7 using credit/debit cards. To pay by check or debit/credit card via our automated system, call 1-866-213-7456. Call between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm at the number on your bill. Users can take advantage of their services by making on-time payments; otherwise, they will incur a $10 late fee. So, if you’re also a user of Optimum and are looking for ways to pay your Optimum bill, it is the right place for you.

Optimum Mobile Pay My Bill

The American telecommunications subsidiary trade firm Optimum offers a range of services, including IP telephone, cable television, broadband, high-speed internet, and home security. As a result, if you utilize Optimum, you must make monthly payments on your invoices. We’ll walk you through a range of choices for paying your bill. If you are unable to visit the closest store, this blog will still have all the information you require. You can use different payment methods in addition to Optimum’s online bill payment.

Official Website https://www.optimum.net
Services Internet, phone, TV, mobile, Smart WiFi, and ad services.
Service Area New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia
Category Net Bill Pay
Optimum Customer Login To Pay Bill Click Here
Phone Number 888-276-5255
Customer Service 1-866-213-7456
Social Media Links Facebook Twitter
Payment Methods By Phone, Online, By mail, auto-pay, credit card pay, or in Person
HQ Location New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia

Optimum Sign In Pay Bill

Optimum Pay My Bill

  • Go to the Optimum website.
  • Click on the Optimum Sign-In button in the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your Optimum ID and password.
  • Click on the Sign In button.
  • Once you are signed in, you can click on the My Bill tab and then click on the Make an Optimum payment button to pay your bill.

How to Pay Optimum My Bill?

There are a variety of ways to pay your Optimum bill.

  • Optimum Pay your bill online
  • Using the app
  • Call (866) 213-7456 to pay your bill
  • Mail a check to PO Box 70340
  • Pay via the Optimum Support App
  • Go to an Optimum store

One of the best places for consumers to submit their ideal ID (username) and password is the official website. By going to the official website,  users can register to create their Optimum ID. To create an account, they must input their account number, last name, and phone number. Users can check and pay their invoices online after logging in.

Optimum Pay My Bill Online

You have three options for paying your Optimum bill online: one-time payments, Autopay, and bank transfers.

One-Time Payment

Optimum customer id to pay bill

Log into your Optimum account to make a one-time payment or activate Autopay. If you’re making a one-time payment, decide which debit card to use, and choose the day you wish to be charged.


Visit optimum.net and sign up for the auto-pay billing system because it is one of the most practical for users. Make sure you have adequate funds in your account on the day that you are charged if you are using auto-pay.  If not, a late fee will be assessed unless the problem is resolved. For additional results, feel free to browse, the MCTV Bill Pay Online Login.

Through Your Bank Account

Additionally, you can use your bank to pay Optimum bills immediately. So, log in to your bank’s website and make sure the bill payment area is present. The bill will be deducted from your account automatically, so you don’t need to remember to pay it.

If it asks you to add a payee, choose “Optimum” and enter your 14-digit Optimum account number. Your Optimum account number can be found on the My Profile page. Whenever an address is needed, enter this one:


P.O. Box 70340

Philadelphia, PA, 19176-0340

Optimum Pay Bill by Phone

You can pay your bill over the phone by dialing 1-866-213-7456, which is the customer service number. Use your debit or credit card to pay bills using their automated system. You must call between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm Pacific time if you want to pay your account over the phone.

Optimum Customer Service Pay Bill

You can use an automated system to pay your bill over the phone, but you can also speak to an agent from Optimum customer service who will assist in processing your payment. Optimum will charge you a convenience fee of $10 if you require the assistance of a customer service agent to pay your account over the phone.

Optimum Pay My Bill Via Mail

Send a check or money order to Optimum P.O. Box 70340 Philadelphia, PA 19176-0340 to pay your Optimum bill by mail. It’s not a fantastic solution, but you can use it to send Optimum a check or money order to pay the bill. Include only your 14-digit account number, with no spaces or dashes.

The Optimum payment address is:


P.O. Box 70340

Philadelphia, PA, 19176-0340

Overnight Address:

Remitco/Deluxe – Optimum

P.O. Box 70340

400 White Clay Center Drive

Newark, DE 19711

Pay Optimum Bill by Mobile App

Optimum Pay Bill by mobile app

Additionally, you can use the Optimum app to pay your account. Just select which card, how much, and when you want to make a payment by clicking the “my bill” option from the button menu. No matter what phone you use, Optimum should work because it offers both an iPhone and an Android app.

Paying Your Bill In Person

In addition to Western Union and CheckFreePay, Optimum retailers also accept payments in person. You have the choice of paying for Optimum retailers with cash, a check, a money order, a debit card, or a credit card. You can deposit your check in a drop box after hours at the majority of Optimum locations.  Dropped payments take longer to complete (2–3 business days), according to them.

In addition, you can pay your bill in person at approved third-party centers. You’ll need your 14-digit account number to make a payment there. Make sure you make your payment through Western Union or Checkfreepay if you’re paying your Optimum bill in person with a third party. Some supermarkets may advertise that they take Optimum payments, but in reality, they frequently charge substantially higher processing costs, and there have been numerous instances where the money never truly reaches Optimum.

Optimum Net Company

You can join Optimum with award-winning Internet and 99.9% dependability. When Optimum Mobile and America’s largest 5G network are combined, you may instantly connect at home and when abroad. To help you travel further, the best organization is also building a brand-new Internet network made entirely of fiber optics that can reach speeds of up to 5 Gig.

Optimum Customer Service

Anytime you require assistance, the best customer service is available. Call the Optimum phone number associated with the service you require to receive assistance right away. Below is a list of all Optimum service contact information.

Connecticut Optimum customer service Call 203.870.2583
New Jersey Optimum customer service Call 973.230.6046
Long Island, NY, Optimum customer service Call 631.393.0366


Customer Service Hours

Days Customer Service Hours
Monday 7 a.m. – 11 pm
Friday 7 a.m. – 11 pm
Saturday 7 a.m. – 10 pm.
Sunday 7 a.m. – 10 pm.


Q: Can I pay the Optimum bill online?

A: You can pay your Optimum bill via optimum.net and the website of your bank.

Q: How do I pay my Optimum mobile bill by phone?

A: To pay by check or credit card (fee-free), call the automated phone system at Optimum (866-213-7456). Alternatively, to make a rep-assisted payment (charge applies), call the support line for your location.

Q: How do I pay my Optimum bill without logging in?

A Call 866.213. 7456 to use Optimum’s automated phone payment system to pay your bill.

Q: If we pay the account beyond the due date at Optimum, are there any late fees?

A: If you pay the bill after the due date, there will be a $10 late fee.

Final Words

High-speed internet, home phone, and cable TV services are offered by Optimum to customers on a monthly payment schedule. To avoid a late fee, the consumer must pay their account on the due date. They will levy a $10 late fee if the customer pays the payment after the due date. The consumer has a variety of options for paying their bills; choose one from the ones we listed above.

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