Ozark Water Bill Pay Online Step by Step Guide

You can pay your City of Ozark Water Bill online through Payclicx where you need to enter your Email Address and Zip Code. Then you have to follow the instructions on the Pyclix to proceed further and complete the transaction. Alternatively, you can also use the ACH bill payment option by which your monthly bills will be paid on time. The City of Ozark also provides a facility for paying through Financial Institutions. In this option, your bank pays the bills on your behalf and it takes a least 7 working days. Other than these online bill payment options, you can also pay your bills using traditional methods. You just need to visit the payment address or mail the payment to the address to complete the transaction. For a detailed explanation of each method, make sure to read to the end. 

Ozark Water Bill Pay

The City of Ozark provides a third-party bill payment service to its consumers by which they can pay their monthly utility bills. However, they have to pay a transaction fee on every payment they make by this method. Moreover, the consumers are advised to pay their bills on time otherwise they will be charged late fees.

Official Website cityofozarkwater.com
Phone Number 479-667-3554
Category Water
City of Ozark Customer Login Click Here
Service Area Arkansas
Customer Service Number 417-581-2744
Ozark ACH Form Click Here to Download the ACH Form
HQ Address Ozark, 2910 West Commercial Street, AR 72949
Services Water & Sewer

Ozark Water Bill Pay Login

The City of Ozark provides its consumers Payclix website where they can sign in and then make online payments. Click on the link given above in the table by which you can easily reach the page.

Ozark Water Bill Payment Options

The online and offline water bill payment options provided by the City of Ozark are listed below. Once you read all of them, you can select any method that you find easy and convenient.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by ACH
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill by Banking Institution
  • Pay Bill in Person

Ozark Water Bill Pay Online

Ozark Water Bill Pay Online

Make online payments for your Ozark Watre Bill by Payclix Website where you have to follow the prompts one by one and then complete the transaction easily.

  1. Click on the link given above in the table and first you need to enter the name of the company i.e. “Ozark Water Department” and choose the name and proceed further.
  2. Then enter your Customer Account number, Utility Bill Amount, and Email Address, and then press the “Continue” button.
  3. Just follow all the instructions and make a transaction by Credit/Debit card or Bank Account.

Once you enter all the details, complete the transaction. This options also charge a transaction fee on every transaction you make. For additional results, feel free to browse Miami Dade Water and Sewer Pay Bill: Online Quick Pay.

Ozark Water Bill Pay ACH

Ozark Water Bill Pay ACH Form

The City of Ozark provides you facility to make automatic payments every month by setting up the ACH bill payment option.

  1. Visit the official site of the City of Ozark Water and click on the “Forms & Reports” option.
  2. Select the “All Forms & Reports” option and then click on the “Download the ACH Form”.
  3. Download the form, fill it out, and then mail it with a voided check to the City of Ozark Payment Address.

Ozark Water Bill Pay by Mail

Mail your City of Ozark Water Bill Payment with the Payment Coupon from your invoice to the address,

Ozark Water Department
PO Box 513
Ozark, AR 72949

The payments can be made only in a Check or Money Order and mailed at least seven to ten days before the date as this option takes time to proceed.

Ozark Water Bill Pay by Financial Institution

Some financial institutions including banks allow customers to pay bills using their bank’s website. These services typically take money out of the client’s savings or checking account to cover the cost. This process takes almost seven days to proceed and update your account, so make sure to send the payment on time. However, it depends on the Banking institution whether they charge a fee for this service or not. For more details, contact your Banking institution and consult with the representative.

Ozark Water Bill Pay in Person

There are two Night drop Boxes available that you can visit to drop your payment amount in cash, check, or money order. If you don’t want to wait for long, then make sure to visit from Tuesday to Thursday as Mondays and Fridays are usually busy. The two locations from which you can select any are below.

  1. One is located at the Parking lot Entrance
  2. The other location is situated the outside of Offices.

Visit these locations during working hours or at night to complete your bill payment.


Q: How can I contact the City of Ozark during after-hours?

A: Contact them using this number 479-667-3554 at any time of the day.

Q: Is there any social media account of the City of Ozar Water?

A: Follow them on Facebook by clicking on the link i.e. facebook.com/Ozark%20Water%20Department.

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