Pace Water Bill Payment Online: Installments Guide

You can pay your Pace Water Bill online step by step easily from the official website. You need your Customer Number and Location Number to make online payments. Both numbers are compulsory to make online payments. Alternatively, if you don’t want to create an account, make One-Time payments for your Pace Water Bill.  You will still need these two numbers if you want to make an Automatic IVR mobile phone service. Dial the number 855-385-4841 to make payments over the phone. Besides these options, you can use your financial institution to pay bills by bank or simply set up the Care-free Autopay option from your customer account. If you wish to know each method step by step, then you must read to the end.

Pace Water Bill Payment Online

There is a change in the Pace Water Online Portal. If you wish to make online payments, then you have to create a new account first and you have to enter your Customer Number and Location Number. You will find both numbers on your new bill. The online payments, then will be easy to make and you can make transactions by card or bank account.

Official Website
Phone Number 850-994-5129
Category Water
Pace Water Customer Login Click Here
Service Area Florida
FAX 850-994-6920
HQ Address Pace, 4401 Woodbine Road, FL 32571-8758
Services Water & Sewer

Pace Water Bill Payment Login

Sign In to your Pace Water customer account by which you can easily pay your water bills online. Other than making online payments, you can view your water bills, print out them, view daily changes and services, and monitor your profile. Visit the official website, click on Customer Service, and select “Bill Payment” to sign in to your account.

Pace Water Bill Payment Options

Following is the step-by-step guide to each online and offline bill payment option that Pace Water provides to its customers. Look at each option and then choose anyone that you find suitable and convenient.

  •  Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Autopay
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill in Person
  • Pay Bill by Financial Institution

Pace Water Bill Payment Online

Pay your Pace Water Bill online by entering your Customer and Location number into the portal. You can make quick and easy online payments with your credit/debit card or account. If you wish to pay without creating an account, then use the One-Time payment option where you don’t have to have an account. All you need is your customer number and payment amount. The number is written on your invoice.

Pace Water Bill Payment by Autopay

Set up this worry-free bill payment option from your account by which your monthly Pace water bills will be paid automatically every month and the amount of payment wi be deducted from your bank account. You have to enter your correct information regarding your bank account and customer account and then enjoy the automatic monthly bill payment. For additional results, feel free to browse, Monroe County Water Bill Payment Online.

Pace Water Bill Payment by Phone

You can also pay your water bills over the phone by buying the Automatic IVR mobile phone service anytime simply by dialing the number 855-385-4841. While using this option, you must have your Customer Number and Location Number. Then you can make quick payments over the phone anytime and anywhere.

Pace Water Bill Payment by Mail

Mail your bill payment amount if you are not interested in paying through online bill payment methods. Mail the payment in check or money order to the Pace Water address. Make sure to send it at least five to seven days before the due date to avoid any issues or late fees.

Pace Water Bill Payment in Person

You can visit the payment address if you want to pay directly to the customer representative. The office where you can pay your bis is,

Pace Water System, Inc.
4401 Woodbine Road
Pace, FL 32571-8758

Other than this, there is a Drop Box location also available where you can visit during working hours to pay your bills. You can pay in cash, check, or money order at these locations.

Pace Water Bill Payment by Financial Institions

Some financial institutions ie banks provide their customer’s facility to use their account to make online payments for their water bills. Your banks will deduct the money from your account to pay your monthly utility bills. However, this method takes time to update your account about transactions. It will take almost 7 business days to proceed and update. Other than this, charging a fee or not depends on your banking institution. For further details, contact your bank and ask them for complete details.


Q: What are the hours for pace water?

A: The working hours of Pace Water are from Monday to Friday from 07:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M.

Q: Can we pay the water bill online in FL?

A: You can pay your water bill in FL by visiting the online portal of your company.

Q: What is the phone number of Pace Water?

A: 850-994-5129.

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