Paturnpike Pay a Bill Online

Paturnpike Pay a Bill Online

Paturnpike Pay a Bill Online without an Invoice. People who are attached to Pennsylvania and use their services must know about Paturnpike Pay a Bill Online to pay their bills. Pay your bills online using the mobile application of Pa Turnpike and make payments easily. There are two options by which customers of Pa Turnpike can make a payment. These options have further different methods. Pay a Bill

You can make payments using the autopay method where you can automatically make payments using your bank account. This method is only applicable offline. This method doesn’t require any online process and to make payments, customers first have to sign up to their Pa Turnpike account.

Official Website
Services Natural Gas
Service area Pennsylvania
Category Gas Bill Pay
Paturnpike Gas Customer Login Click Here to Pay Bill Online
Phone Number 1-877-736-6727
Customer Service 1-877-736-6727
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter
Payment Methods By Phone, Online, By mail, auto-pay, credit card pay, or In Person.
HQ Location 300 E Par DR Harrisburg, PA 17111

Paturnpike Login to Pay a Bill

Paturnpike Pay a Bill

  • Visit the Official Website of Paturnpike.
  • Look for a “Log In” or “Account” section on the website.
  • After logging in, navigate to the section of the website that deals with billing or payments. It may be labeled as “Pay a Bill” or something similar.
  • You’ll likely need to enter your Paturnpike billing information, which may include details from your invoice or account number.
  • Select your preferred payment method (e.g., credit card, bank account) and provide the necessary payment details.

Pa Turnpike Pay Bill Online

Customers of Paturnpike can make their payments online conveniently using the mobile application. Or they can make payments online using the company’s E-Z Pass method. Online billing is the easiest and most time-saving method that customers can utilize.

Pa Turnpike Make a Payment

Customers of Paturnpkie can make their payments using the following two different ways.

  • E-ZPass Payment
  • Toll Plate Payment

Both ways have their different options to pay a bill and customers have full freedom to choose any of these in order to pay their bills.

E-ZPass Payment Methods

The methods that you can use to make payments using the E-ZPass option are mentioned below. All the methods are different from each other.

Paturnpike Pay Bill By Phone

Pay your bills using the phone number of the company and ask them to make the payments. This method is convenient and simple and will let the Paturnpike customers pay their bills without any difficulty. You can use the Paturnpike customer service number to successfully pay your bills.

Paturnpike Pay Bill By Debit/Credit Card

Another way to pay your bills is using your Debit or C credit card. this method requires creating your account on the website Paturnpike and after signing in choosing your payment options. This method may include some additional fee to change and after that, you can enter basic information i.e. account number and payment amount, and pay your bills easily.

Paturnpike Pay Bill by Phone App

After downloading the application, make your payments easily using your bank account or by debit or credit card. You have to provide your general information like your phone number account number and amount to pay and then select the pay a bill option to make transactions. If you’re intrigued by other results, be sure to investigate, Constellation Energy Pay Bill Login.

Paturnpike Pay a bill In Person

Other than that, make your payments in person by visiting the customer service office of the Pa Turnpike and paying your bills personally to the representatives. Pa Turnpike accepts cash payments only through the E-ZPass Payment Customer Service Center.

Paturnpike Pay a bill By Mail

You can also use this method to pay your bills by E-ZPass and mail your bills to the address, 300 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111. It will take ten working days to update your account regarding the bill payments through the mail service.

Making payments using E-ZPass, customers have the facility of discounts instead of Toll-by-plate invoices. When you download the Pay a Bill application of the Pa Turnpike and switch to the E-ZPass payments, you will save money and have to pay less amount as compared to the other option. E-ZPass requires less amount of money than Toll By Plate payment.

Toll By Plate Invoice Payment Methods

The methods that are used to make payments by E-ZPass are also the methods that customers can use to make payments by Toll By Plate invoices. They can make payments online through the website by selecting the amount of payment and providing invoice proof.

Other than that, you can also pay your bills using a mobile phone by contacting customer service and asking them to make transactions. Pay your bills using a debit or credit card or bank account. You can also make payments using checks, money orders, or Master card, Visa, and Discover.

Paturnpike Pay Bill By Mail

If customers of Paturnpike aren’t using any of the above methods, then they can also pay their bills by mailing the payment amount to the customer service office. The address is,

  • PA Turnpike Toll By Plate
  • PO BOX 645631
  • Pittsburgh
  • PA 15264-5254

Paturnpike Pay Bill In Person

The same address that is used to make your payments through E-ZPass is to pay your bills by Toll By Plate. Visit the Customer Service Center of Paturnpikr located at 300 East Park Drive Harrisburg, PA 17111. The time of the visit to the center is from Monday to Friday 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

These are the methods by which you can pay your Paturnpike bills by yourself.

How to pay PA Turnpike Toll Without an Invoice

You can easily pay your PA Turnpike bills without an invoice if you use E-ZPass. E-ZPass will help you pay your bills at lower prices instead of waiting for your invoices. In order to do that, buy an E-ZPass transponder and select your payment method. Then you can make payment anywhere anytime even while driving by installing it in your car.

Toll By Plate PA Login

Login to the account using the link above mentioned. Enter your general Information and after that select the method to pay your bills.

How to Pay toll-by plate Without Invoice

In order to pay your bills using the Toll By Plate option, customers have to provide their invoices and if they don’t have any, then they require a responder there are some third-party companies that provide a responder that customers can use to pay their toll by plate bills without invoices.


Q: What is the phone number for the PA toll?

Ans: The phone number for the PA toll by which you can contact customer service is 1-877-736-6727. Contact them in case of any problem, assistance, or any bill regarding information.

Q: How do I pay my PA Turnpike?

Ans: You can pay your bills online via a Mobile application, by mail, over the phone, or in person. And make the payments in cash, cards (Debit, Credit, Visa, Discover), and Bank Accounts.

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