Scana Energy Pay Bill | One-Time Payment

Scana Energy Pay Bill One-Time Payment

Scana Energy Pay Bill at any Kroger or WalMart location throughout Georgia. CheckFreePay is made for customers who wish to pay all of their bills in one place and use this service to pay several providers. Further, select Paying Bill by Phone for making payments 24 hours a day. You can call SCANA Energy to pay your bill at 1-877-467-2262 to sign up for service. The mail address is SCANA Energy Regulated PO Box 105046. Atlanta, GA 30348-5046 to make payment via mail. Further, you can pay the Scana Energy Bill online without logging in.

Official Website
Category Electricity
Scana Energy Online Bill Pay Click here to Pay Bill Online
Service Areas South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter
Bill Payment Number 1.877.467.2262
Customer Care Service (out of area) 1.877. 467.2262.
HQ Location Cayce, South Carolina.
Services Electricity & Gas

Scana Energy Pay Your Bill – Sign Up

Create an account on your Scana Customer site to begin paying bills online quickly and conveniently. In addition to being able to pay your bills, you can also handle your account, check your billing history, keep an eye on your usage, and receive updates via notifications. To create your account, you must precisely enter your personal information and account details.

Scana Energy Pay Your Bill – Login

SCANA Energy helps the Georgia community in the areas of health, education, energy assistance, arts & entertainment, and environment. Further, the corporation helps communities through sponsorships, volunteers, and contributions. You can log in to your account by following the given steps.

  • Click the login link to access the website in a new window and you will find the login bars on the upper-left side of the screen.
  • Click the “LOG IN” button after entering your username and current password.
  • If the information was submitted correctly, you shouldn’t experience any issues accessing your online profile.

Ways to Pay Your Scana Energy Bill

SCANA Energy pays bills in multiple ways. It offers different methods for its customer to pay their energy bills. So, choose one of the given ways to make payment.

  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill in Person

Pay Your Scana Energy Bill via Mail

You can make payments by mail by submitting your money order or check to the address mentioned below. It won’t cost you any price and you may use a check or money order and send it by snail mail or USPS. The money would take 3 to 6 days to post to your account.

Sent mail at:

  • SCANA Energy
  • P.O. Box 105046
  • Atlanta, GA 30348-5046

Online Bill Payment with Scana Energy

SCANA Energy pay bill online through your bank account. For all clients, online payment has made life simpler because it eliminates the trouble of looking for certain places and waiting in queues at payment sites. Therefore, use a checking or savings account to make secure payments. When you use your online account to make the payment, there is no fee for this service. For additional results, feel free to browse, Dominion Energy Bill Pay Login.

Scana Energy Bill Pay by Calling

Making payments over the phone is another simple and quick technique. So, you may immediately post payments made with a credit or debit card to your accounts by simply dialing 1.877.467.2262. The cost of this service is $3.50 per transaction.

Visit Us to Pay Your Scana Energy Bill

SCANA Energy pays the bill in person at an authorized payment location. There is a charge fee for the payment in person. Visit or contact 1.877.467.2262 for a list of payment locations. Payments for LIHEAP and other forms of energy assistance are accepted. Additionally, pay your SCANA utility bills by visiting one of the many corporate centers nationwide. Locate locations using a list, travel to the closest center, and conveniently pay your bill.

SCANA Energy Budget Billing

In the budget billing plan, anticipated annual bills are averaged over a twelve-month period. The monthly Budget Billing amount may need to be adjusted if rates change or actual use significantly changes over the year. At that time, the payments and charges are reconciled, and the Budget Billing amount is adjusted based on the actual consumption over the past year.

About Scana Energy Pay

Community service is provided by the SCANA family of businesses throughout Georgia and the Carolinas. The Charleston Gas Light Company was founded in the 1840s, which puts the company’s beginnings more than 170 years ago. With 500,000 consumers for electricity and more than 1.3 million for natural gas across the three states, SCANA also strives to enhance neighborhood communities via volunteer work and grassroots initiatives.

Scana Energy Customer Service Charge

You will be assessed a fixed charge per bill to cover administrative expenses. No matter the number of days of service, SCANA Energy charges a full customer service fee for each bill. The Disclosure Statement includes information about your customer service fee.


In conclusion, you have a few choices to pay your power bills through Scana Energy Pay Bills. Customers are free to select any option from those that the company offers. Bills can be paid over the phone, via mail, online via the website, or in person. Additionally, if you have any questions or need help with the services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer care. And I sincerely hope you find everything you’re searching for.


Q: How can I log into my SCANA Energy account?

A: Click the login link to access your account.

Q: Does Scana offer an online bill payment facility?

A: Online payment through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Internet banking payments are acceptable.

Q: How can I contact SCANA Energy customer support?

You can contact them directly by calling (877) 467-2262.

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