Where Can I Pay Tualatin Water Bill

Where Can I Pay Tualatin Water Bill

The customers of Tualatin who are looking for an answer to the question i.e. Where Can I Pay Tualatin Water Bill, can read the article. The City of Tualatin provides different payment options to the customers by which they can pay their bills. You can visit the payment center at City Offices on business days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In this method, you can pay your bills in cash, check, or money order. The online options are used a lot because they make quick and easy payments.

Tualatin Water Bill Pay

Many customers use the online portal by logging into their accounts to select ways to pay their bills. The customers of Tualatin can also mail the payment amount to the City of Tualatin address. All the methods allow the customers to pay bills easily.

Official Website www.tualatinoregon.gov
Phone Number 503-691-3061
Services Water & Sewer
Category Utilities
HQ Address Tualatin, OR, 18880 SW Martinazzi Avenue
Customer Care Number 503-691-3061
Service Area Oregon
Customer Login Login Here to Pay Bill Online

Tualatin Water Bill Pay Login

Tualatin Water Bill

Login into your Tualatin water account by which you can pay your bills, and view them, manage your account, view your billing history, update your personal information, and monitor your usage. Click on the link mentioned above to land directly on the login page. The City of Tualatin provides access to all customers to create an account online by which they can perform all the above-explained tasks.

Tualatin Water Bill Payment Options

The City of Tualatin provides different payment options to customers when it comes to paying for expenses. There are online as well as offline options for bill payment. But the one thing common about the methods is that you need to provide information like your account number and your password to log into the account.

  • Pay Bill Online
  • Pay Bill by Phone
  • Pay Bill by Mail
  • Pay Bill in Person

Where Can I Pay Tualatin Water Bill Online

You can pay the bills online through the website by logging into your online portal. After logging into the account, you can select the bill payment options. The payment can be made by Visa, Master, debit, or Credit card, or use your checking or savings account. Moreover, you can also select to get your utility bills through email instead of paper bills in the mail.

  1. You can also use the EasyPay option by which your bills will be paid automatically every month and the amount will be debited from your bank account. This automatic payment option is the most convenient, advanced, dependable, and time-saving method of bill payment.

Where Can I Pay Tualatin Water Bill by Phone

Make your payments over the phone by dialing the number of the City of Tualatin i.e. 503-691-3056. You need to provide your account number from the upper corner of your invoice to complete the payment process.

Tualatin Water Bill by Mail

Mail your billing payments to the address,

City of Tualatin
18880 SW Martinazzi Avenue
Tualatin, ORĀ  97062

You can only send checks or money orders, cash is not acceptable. Also, include your account number and the remittance stub that is located at the bottom of your bills with the payment amount.

Tualatin Bill Pay in Person

Pay your Tualatin water bills by visiting the payment office directly and using the basic traditional bill payment option. You can pay the bills in cash, money order, check, or card in this method easily. The location where you can visit in person to pay your Tualatin water bills is,

  • City Offices, Tualatin, 18880 SW Martinazzi Avenue, OR 97062.

There is another option available that you can also use as a walk-in if the payment office is close.

  1. The Drop Box is located near the City office and library Parking lot at 18880 SW Martinazzi Avenue. The Drop Box is available 24 hours so you can visit any time to pay your bill with this option. The payments you made will be processed on the same day. You can make payments in check or money order.

City of Tualatin Water Rates

The water is sold in 100 cubic feet or one unit amount which contains 748 gallons. Water costs $3.90 per unit at the moment. The sewer base cost is a flat monthly fee of $37.31 per residential unit.

City of Tualatin Utilities

The City of Tualatin provides high-quality and clean drinking water to customers of Tualatin. However, the water source of Tualatin is supplied by the City of Portland therefore, the source of water is not in the city. Moreover, the company is available 24/7 for the facility of customers in case of any issue, or emergency, or if they need information about anything regarding the company or utility services.

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Q: How can I pay my water bill?

Ans: You can pay your water bills online by logging into your portal. Or use your phone to contact the services to pay your bills.

Q: What is the phone number of Tualatin?

Ans: The Phone Number of Tualatin is 503-691-3056.

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